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Czar AT

On smooth terrain or rugged landscape, in mucky waters or on rocky pathways, Czar A/T provides your SUV with remarkable grip and stability. You are as safe on the harshest terrain as you are on the smoothest of roads. What’s more? The rim protectors shielding the sidewalls from damage ensure longer rim life. Czar A/T, durable, sturdy and strong!


Aggressive tread pattern
Special tread groove profiling
Rim protector


Better grip for on and off road conditions
Stability on cornering
Protects sidewall from damage


Safer Drive
Superior control
Longer life of rims

Vehicles that are compatible with these tyres are as below:

  • 1) Bolero
  • 2) Xylo
  • 3) Endeavour
  • 4) Montero
  • 5) Fortuner
  • 6) Prado