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Nainital – A memorable road trip
22nd January 2017

written by -   Abhinav

When you sit alone for a moment and think about all those good memories you will definitely come across one road trip in it. I’m chronicling my road trip adventure for CEAT Tyres in association with BlogAdda. This comes from the summers of 2010 when I planned to visit Nainital and Kausani. Why Nainital? Well I do not have a definite answer for that but all I wanted was to spend some time in the laps of Himalayas and witness that fresh air, the green surroundings and the tranquil atmosphere. We reached Kathgodam on train and started our Road trip to Nainital and Kausani. The essence of a memorable road trip is having a good vehicle with reliable tyres just like CEAT tyres, an experienced and responsible driver, passion to drive with rules and a good company. This trip had all and it was going to be fun. We decided to spent a couple of days in Nainital before moving to Kausani a tranquil town in the laps of Himalayas famous for Sun rise, tea and an Ashram established by an disciple of Mahatama Gandhi.

The driver in his mid-40 was good to have than compared to a youngster especially when you are on Himalayas where any turn can be a catastrophe. I once learned from my trekking instructor that when in Himalayas you do not have your rules, if you have to survive you have to follow the rules of the mountains and any deviation can be dangerous. With that in mind I had a quick chat with the driver to gauge his passion and sense of rules and I was pretty much satisfied with his approach. Without wasting much time we dumped our luggage and strapped the seat belts. The driver did one last set of checks on the vehicle including the Tyre pressure, various oil levels and brake checks and we were good to go. Experienced with some vehicle overheating issues from our previous trips we loaded some spare bottles of water

We reached Nainital around noon and it was quite sunny when we reached. Till the time we get to our hotel we saw a sudden change in the weather and we were welcomed by a flash of fog followed by some showers. After having lunch and a quick nap we started in the evening and paid homage to the Naina Devi temple located at the bank of the famous Nainital Lake. After which we went for boating in the lake and roamed around in the Mall road and the local market and called up the day after a sumptuous dinner.

Next day we started with the Trekk to the Tiffin top, Land’s end, Guano hills and the Eco cave gardens. These were pretty hectic and took us the entire day. We took some short breaks during the day for the natural calls and meals and snacks. By the evening we were so tired that we fell on the bed only to wake up the next morning. It was already 9:30 when we woke up with another hectic day ahead we were to squeeze certain things today. The plan was to visit various other lakes such as Bhim tal, Naukuchia tal, Sattal. These lakes have some mythological essence but for people of 21st century these places offer some scenic beauty and a tranquil environment away from the hustle and bustle of Nainital.

We readied ourselves and wrapped our bags with the target of covering these places by 2:30pm so that we can reach Kausani the same day around 6:30 pm by the time there is still light on the horizon. Plans do not work out when you are with Family and you have to be prepared for the delays. By the time we reached Kausani it was already 7:30 pm and the sun had already called it a day.

The Himalayan ranges are not considered safe for travel during the nights but you do not have any other option when you are already mid-way and are running late. As the darkness spread across and no other vehicle in sight the noise in the vehicle diminishes and the atmosphere gradually becomes serious, when you turn around you will find expressions that you may never see again, some reciting prayers, some focusing hard on the road, some focusing to hear any strange noise, some trying to poke the driver to ensure he is not sleeping and in between all this there will be one tech geek or a music freak who will be relaxed as hell listening to the music or browsing his gadgets.

We finally reached Kausani, the people were already in their houses and no shops were open, we checked in to our hotel and ordered food, hungry as hell we snapped at the food and finished it lightning fast. After dinner as a self-made custom I came out in the hotel lawn took deep breaths and thanked the lords for the pleasant air and as safe journey and that the next morning be a good one when we get a glimpse of the Sunrise which I could not watch the last time I was in Kausani.

That night I slept tight and woke up early morning ready with my small camera to capture big but to our disappointment the weather was cloudy and we did not get a glimpse of the sun till 10:00 am. Dishearten with this my family members tried to cheer me up and that we have yet another day to give it a try. During the day we spent time at leisure as Kausani does not has much to do. However, there is a beautiful temple dedicated to the family of Lord Shiva, some tea gardens, and other small tourist attractions. The evening was at leisure where the entire family gathered in the lawn to play and spent time.

The next morning was again not a good view for the Sun rise due to heavy fog but I decided to come back again after few years to try my luck for the sun rise. We started back from Kausani after breakfast and planned a short stop at Almora before getting down at Kathgodam. We spent around an hour in the markets of Almora and then started back to reach Kathgodam in the evening. Bidding my good bye to the Himalayas boarded the train at night.

Fresh with the memories of this trip, the travel bug in me is biting me and inspiring me to plan up yet another trip.