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A Road Trip from Vagator to Dhudhsagar.
17th December 2016

written by -   Kamal sharma

Every traveller has a desire to go on a road trip once in a while to satisfy his wanderlust but a road trip is not just about a journey which starts from an origin to its destination, but it is something which shows your another society, it has its own saga. Often it can give you some unforgettable memories and experience that you gonna share with everyone. The same thing happened to me in my road trip from Vagator to Dhudhsagar waterfalls that I did not even dream of.

It was a normal monsoon day and was raining in Goa when I went out for my breakfast at Vagator with my travel companion Aslam. We both were still thinking of a today’s plans and I started searching what to do in Goa. Since I was on my western coastal backpacking trip so I decided to go to a place where I can see water. Probably google knew it and showed me Dhudhsagar Falls. The waterfall was about 100kms away from my location but this time I didn’t give a shit and just started my scooty for Dhudhsagar Waterfalls.

We started our journey right from the restaurant and left for Dhudhsagar at 11am. We both were riding our respective scooties in monsoon season of Goa. Those roads were very slippery and dangerous with because of water logging but thanks to our CEAT Tyres, who ensured our safety. In the next 1 hour we were crossing Calangute en-route Panaji.

The old Goa is historical part of Goa and have served as a capital of Portuguese India. The city is also preserved as UNESCO Heritage Site. There you can see ancient churches and Portuguese culture. We spent about 2 hours there and got our lunch from a local restaurant. I also got my very first tattoo of Trishul there for just INR 50/-.

We continued our road trip around 1 pm and rode towards the destinations. Just a few minutes later, the rain started and we both were friends were now riding slowly but roads were slippery. It was really tough ride we did so far on Goa trip. The silent roads were covered with trees and plants. Roads were empty. We were in doubt if we were on the right direction. I was seeing nothing except the jungle both sides. In the morning the temperature was 46° C and now it was around around 10° cause of heavy rains. I started shivering while riding. We had covered about 80kms yet and didn’t know how far we had to go. It was like a dream come true for both of us. Somehow we had reached at TISCA but I left stunned when I found that no one here understand my language and can’t tell me the way to my destination. After asking to more than 20 people finally I met a guy who was able to speak Hindi. He directed us for Dhudhsagar.

Neither I was known to these roads nor was my GPS working this time. I had no choice but to follow their instructions if I want to reach my destination. I followed straight road as instructed by that guy. Now I could see board with a state signboard, it was Karnataka. Something was writing in Kanndda which I couldn’t understand. We continued to our direction and rode more 30 minutes. Now we were somewhere above on mountains but didn’t know where exactly. Even my GPS was not working yet.

We were at a place where the visibility was less not good and it was drizzling in foggy roads. I asked Aslam to end the journey and go back to the hostel. It was 3PM but we were not able to see clearly. Still I was feeling cold and had been shivering because we were drenched in rain. I wasn’t in mood of riding scooty anymore. I was badly exhausted. I was tired. I had lost my all hopes for reaching the destination on time. We had been riding scooties for past 4 hours without even knowing if the roads are leading us to the right direction or not.