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Netranjali, the Flagship Programme was launched in 2014-15, to work towards the cause of preventing avoidable blindness in India. This is a key need as India has the world’s largest blind population, with 80% of cases of blindness being preventable with early stage interventions. Eye health check-up camps under Project Netranjali reached out to 150 - 200 beneficiaries per camp, covering a total of 10,000 individuals across different schools & slum communities in Bhandup, Navi Mumbai, Worli & Halol. Three different target groups were covered via the Netranjali Camps – school children, slum community/elderly & Truckers:

Over 4,000 school children covered through eye screening camps, 500 children given spectacles & 1,000 children were referred to hospitals for further treatment.

In the slum communities over 5,000 beneficiaries were screened, 2,000 free spectacles were provided. Hospital referrals were given to over 900 people who needed further treatment.

We also reached out to the Trucker community, where, in a span of four months over 600 truckers were screened. At the eye check-up camps, they were examined for eye problems like lazy eye, glaucoma, refractive errors, cataract etc .We provided free spectacles to 376 truckers with more than 20 truckers being referred to partner hospitals for further treatment of serious eye problems.

It was observed that Truckers were one of the most vulnerable populations amongst those we reached out to via the Netranjali camps. A research study carried out during the camps revealed that over 55% of Truckers across age groups, had refractive errors and for those over the age of 40, the figure rose to a shocking 74%.  It is imperative to have the Netranjali eye health camps for this susceptible community to ensure safety of their lives, livelihood and overall road safety.