There is no dearth of people who own or desire to own an SUV. Without any doubt, the thrill and satisfaction of driving an SUV is something that cannot be compared.When we talk about taking proper care of our SUV, we also mean paying attention to its tyres. Like we know, tyres always play a major role in determining the ride quality, comfort, and other important factors for every vehicle. But, in the case of off-road vehicles, the involvement is even more. The kind of tyres you use in your SUV has a significant effect on its performance and efficiency. You cannot choose just any tyre and expect your SUV to deliver nothing but the best performance.

So, the question is- how to find out the best tyres for your SUV? Well, let us help you out in this regard. No doubt, SUV tyres are quite expensive in comparison to the regular tyres used in our cars. But, these tyres are mostly about performance, toughness, and impressive grip even on off-road conditions. When you choose tyres for your SUV,make sure you keep the following points in your mind.

The right size is important

A lot of SUV owners feel excited about equipping their vehicle with massive 20-inch tyres.But, is it really feasible and practical? Well, 20-inch tyres are practical if you take your SUV only on off-road driving. For off-road usage, this kind of size will provide you with enough traction. But, if you take your vehicle also on the highways, 20-inch tyres will seriously affect the fuel economy of your car. In the long run, it will prove to be an expensive affair for you.

For this reason, you must choose the right size. It is better to go for R16 or R17 tyres. You may also consider opting for R18. These three sizes are more practical, and you won’t find any issues with them. The 235/75 R15, 255/65/R16, and 255/60/R17 are usually the options people go for. CEAT Czar tyre has been specially designed to take over uncharted terrains.

Tread is something you can’t ignore

No matter if you drive a sedan or an SUV, the tread of its tyres will always determine the kind of driving experience you get from them. When it comes to choosing the best tyres for your SUV, it is usually better to consider tyres that have slightly larger tread patterns. For off-road driving conditions,larger tread patterns will make sure the tyres offer better grip on the surface. This is more important if your SUV comes with four-wheel drive option. Good amount of tread will make you feel more confident when driving through treacherous terrains.

But, if you drive your SUV mostly on the highways, you should probably opt for tyres that have less aggressive tread patterns. Otherwise, the tyres might not be able to have a firm grip on the road during rainy days.

 All-Terrain tyres

AT or All-Terrain tyres for SUVs are more widely sold in the Indian as well as international market. These tyres are considered best not just for the paved roads but for mild off-road use. Be it any weather condition, these tyres will not disappoint you in any way. The tread pattern on the AT tyres is not something over the top. You may find them similar to that of the sedans’ tyres. But, the lug size is definitely larger and widely spaced. This is why the AT tyres are able to disperse and channelize water in an efficient manner.

MT tyres

MT or Mud Terrain tyres for SUVs feature a tread pattern which is more aggressive. Without any doubt, these tyres are designed for off-road conditions. The greater channel gaps ensure excellent traction even on the muddy terrains.So, if you are looking to drive your SUV through the rocky or muddy terrains then the MT tyres are the best option for you. They are more resistant to puncture.

Besides the AT and MT tyres,you will find many more options available in the present market. The snow crawling tyres for SUVs are highly suitable for the winter season. Overall, choosing the best tyre for your SUV is something that depends mostly on your driving requirements.