CEAT Tyre Exchange Offer - Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”)

1. CEAT Tyre Exchange Offer (“Offer”): This Offer enables the Customer (defined herein) to exchange their old Car/SUV tyres and get a discount on purchase of the Products (defined herein) from CEAT authorized tyres shops located across the Republic of India ("Dealers”). Under this Offer, the Customer will get one - time exchange discount on purchase of 2 (two) nos. or 4 nos. (four) Products (defined herein) in one invoice during the Offer Period from the Dealer. For sake of clarity, if You purchase more than 2 (two) or 4 (four) Products, whether under the same invoice or otherwise, no additional discount/benefit will be given under this Offer as this is a one - time exchange discount. Multiple purchases made on the same and / or different days during the Offer Period cannot be clubbed together

2. Eligibility: This Offer is open to all individual residing in the Republic of India, aged 18 years or above on the start date of this Offer who visit the nearest Dealer and who purchases the Products during the Offer Period as per the terms of this Offer (“Customer”/”You”/”Your”).

3. How to avail: Customer shall: (i) Visit nearest Dealer(s); (ii) Select 2 nos. or 4 nos. of the Products; (iii) Replace 2 nos. or 4 nos. of Your old Car / SUV tyres of same size, type and brand (“Used Tyres”); (iv) Handover the Used Tyres to Dealers. Under no circumstance such Used Tyres shall be returned to You; and (v) Pay the final amount derived in the invoice. Dealer shall: (i) As per eligibility criteria provide exchange discount to the Customer as per the Offer and generate an invoice for discounted value of the Products purchased by the Customer. (ii) Collect the Used Tyres from the Customer and deliver the Products upon payment of the invoice to the Customer.

4. Terms and conditions of the Offer are as follows:

a. This Offer is valid during the period from October 05, 2023, to November 30, 2023 (both days inclusive) or till stock lasts, whichever is earlier or such other period as CEAT in its own discretion decide (“Offer Period”). The decision of CEAT to discontinue or extend this Offer or Offer Period will be final.

b. This Offer is available only on purchase of CEAT branded Passenger Car or SUV tyres namely, Milaze, CrossDrive, SportDrive and SecuraDrive (“Product(s)”) and the exchange value is as per details mentioned below:

c. The Offer is not available for online purchase, institutional sales, etc. CEAT’s employees, distributors, dealers and other channel partners are not eligible to participate in this Offer.

d. In case if You are finding difficulty in tracing a Dealer, please contact us at 1800 22 12 13 or visit www.ceat.com.

e. This Offer is not applicable on CEAT branded claim tyre(s) or on single tyre purchase.

f. This Offer is non-transferable, non-negotiable. No two or more different offers can be clubbed together.

g. This Offer is voluntary. In the event You do not agree with the discount provided to You under this Offer You are free to opt out of this Offer before the purchase. Products are available without this Offer also.

h. Customer shall not be entitled for any compensation (either in cash or kind) for the Used Tyres handed over to the Dealer as part of this Offer.

i. By availing this Offer, You hereby represent, warrant and covenant: a. acceptance of terms and conditions set out herein. b. You are the sole, absolute and lawful owner of the Used Tyres handed over to the Dealer as part of this Offer. c. Used Tyres are genuine and not counterfeit. Rim Size Milaze (INR) (Discount per tyre) SecuraDrive (INR) Discount per tyre) SportDrive (INR) Discount per tyre CrossDrive (INR) Discount per tyre 12-14 150 Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable 15-16 200 400 Not applicable 600 17 and above Not applicable 1000 1000 1000 d. Dealer(s) shall be entitled to deal with the Used Tyres, in any manner that they deem fit and proper; and e. Customer shall indemnify and keep indemnified CEAT, its affiliates and its Dealers against all or any third-party claims, demand, cost, expenses including attorney fees which may be suffered, incurred, undergone and/or sustained by CEAT, its affiliates and its Dealers due to their accepting the Used Tyres under the Offer

5. The Products are subject to CEAT’s standard warranty policy.

6. You represent and warrant that You are legally competent to enter into binding contracts under applicable laws. By taking part and/or entering into this Offer You warrant that all information provided by You regarding Your name, age, state, city, address, phone number, and any other information (if so requested) (collectively “Personal Information”), is true, correct, accurate and complete.

7. By sharing Personal Information, the Customer hereby expressly: (a) confirms that the information shared by him/her is complete, correct and accurate; (b) confirms that she/he is authorized to disclose such Personal Information and that such disclosure complies with the privacy legislation within the geographical scope of this Offer, and the use of such Personal Information by CEAT as contemplated herein (including, without limitation, the disclosure of such Personal Information to external agencies or third parties) is permitted; and (c) consents / permits CEAT to use and share (including third parties) the Personal Information for all purposes connected to the Offer and as per applicable laws. In view of such consent the Customer shall not be entitled to file any claims against CEAT for using or sharing the said Personal Information for purposes connected to the Offer.

8. CEAT reserves the exclusive and unconditional right to vary/amend terms and conditions of this Offer or withdraw/ suspend/ cancel this Offer without prior notice and without assigning any reasons thereof.

9. Neither CEAT nor its affiliates/agents/employees/directors nor its group companies/associates nor any third party provide any warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness or suitability of the information and materials found or offered under the Offer for any particular purpose. You understand and acknowledge that CEAT and its related companies/associates/ employee/directors/ affiliates shall not be liable for such information and materials that may contain inaccuracies or errors and we expressly exclude liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law

10. CEAT and its related entities, employees, directors and affiliates shall not be held liable/responsible, and disclaim all liability, for any loss, liability, injury, expense or damage, fine, penalty (whether direct, indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential) of any nature, whether arising from negligence/ omission or any other cause, which is suffered by the participation in the Offer, non-participation in the Offer or the acceptance and/or use by the Customer, of any discount, or by any action taken by CEAT in accordance with the terms and conditions and Customer shall keep CEAT indemnified and harmless on account of the same.

11. Customer understands and acknowledges that Dealer shall be entitled to keep a record of their Personal Information supplied in connection with the Offer and share the same with CEAT.

12. CEAT shall not be liable or responsible for any disagreement/ contentions between the Customer and the Dealers and no communication will be entertained by CEAT in respect of any dispute between them.

13. The Offer shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India. Any disputes, differences and, or any other matters in relation to and arising out of the Offer and, or, pertaining to the rules and regulations and, or, the terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Mumbai, India

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