Development at CEAT

It is about ensuring holistic development of employees through functional, technical and behavioral inputs provided throughout an employee’s lifecycle.

Learning inputs are focused on function and role based competencies required to succeed. CEAT delivers these inputs through their Sales Academy, Technical Academy and QBM Academy.

70% of leadership positions were filled by internal employees this year
Learning at CEAT

Creating Leaders through the Young Executive Board (YEB)

YEB is an aspirational forum for young managers who work under guidance of top management on projects pertaining to business excellence. The members go through special development interventions like sessions with industry experts, attending top management meetings, mentoring by senior leaders etc.


Vinod Marar

GM - Supply Chain

YEB has provided me cross functional exposure. Interacting with senior leaders in the organisation during the project phase was a unique learning experience. I feel proud to be an integral part of CEAT’s success story through the YEB contributions.


Mansi Agrawal

Sr Manager - Materials

YEB helped me overcome the myth of performance excellence based on functional expertise only. I found that things can be learned and achieved if we work as a strong cohesive team. Mentoring is the core of YEB that gave me the edge to excel.

Trainee Program

A two months internship opportunity to budding leaders from various B- Schools across country on live business projects.


Rajat Sharma

MDI Gurgaon

I got to work on a challenging project.


Neha Joshi

IMI Delhi

This has been an incredible learning experience for me.

Young minds from best B-Schools across the country (IIM’s,XLRI, MDI etc.) join us and undergo a rigorous 12 month program with cross functional stints.


Satyajit Das

CEAT has proved to be much beyond my expectations.   The humility, approachability and the willingness to learn of the entire organisation quickly catches on and takes you through a journey of immense learning and all round development. Strong pillars of ethics, vision and systems; coupled with extremely talented and supportive people has helped me grow not only professionally but also personally.


Animesh Banerjee

From working in a state-of- the-art CEAT plant at Halol and achieving operational efficiencies, to being in the field working with dealers & distributors or being part of procurement team managing spends upwards of 4000cr, the stints have been exciting & the learning curve steep. All this in just 6 months at CEAT. Seeing the implementation of my recommendations gave me the real sense of achievement.

This program is for engineer graduates who go through a 12 month program with cross functional stints.


Souvick das

CEAT is my first organisation. The best thing is that there is no hierarchy here, even as a GET I could approach anyone. It’s a great place to work that motivates me everyday.


Nitin Mohan

My experience here has been fantastic. The induction process has ensured a smooth transition from our college life to a more responsible and disciplined professional life.


Anita Desai

My first day at work made me nervous as well as excited as I had been waiting for the day I will begin my career. In only a year CEAT has helped develop my skills and personality. The people here are really warm and friendly which makes me feel comfortable.

When our People Grow, We Grow

CEAT understands the importance of work life balance

Self-managed Team (SMT)

SMT is a concept of empowered teams that work on the shopfloor to manufacture tyres with minimum supervision. Plant leadership team only sets the plant goals and direction.

This includes boys and girls in the age group of 18-25 years. They continuously go through regular learning interventions on soft skills and technical skills.

Self-managed Team

Protima Thorve


Working with CEAT has changed my life in many ways. People in my village respect me more now. My parents are proud of me and often express their joy at  how efficiently I carryout house-hold responsibilities, just like a male member of the family. Even my school teachers praise me and portray me as an ideal girl.


Kinjal Gandhi


It has been a great experience working with CEAT. It feels like one family. I like the working culture of the management as well as shop floor people. CEAT is a great place to work.


Mihir Patel


I feel great working with Deming company where there is an involvement of management and associates in all activities. The career opportunities for associates and the fun-filled activities make me love my work.

Leadership Development

  • Management Development Programs at ISB, Harvard, INSEAD etc
  • Coaching Certifications for Senior Leaders
  • Exclusive Online Learning Inputs from Ivy League Institutes
  • Leadership Coaching

Our unique policies

CEAT understands the importance of work life balance

Women@Work - Empowered. Independent. Balanced.

CEAT recognizes the value of gender diversity at workplace. We have gone from 10 women in 2010 to 400 women working in CEAT today. From shopfloor engineers to leadership roles, we have a diversified female workforce taking up challenging roles and celebrating company milestones.

Working on shop floor

Working on shop floor

Shruti Joshi

Shruti Joshi

GM - Secretarial

I joined CEAT in the year 2006 and since then, CEAT has evolved and so have I. CEAT has been a catalyst in my career progression and personal growth. As a woman employee, CEAT has been sensitive and supportive whenever a need has arisen and the work environment is as safe as home, which has been an important factor in my career growth.

Dipti Parikh

Dipti Parikh

Sr Manager IT

At CEAT, we are a team not because we work together but because we respect, trust and care for each other. This is what motivates me to give my best at work. As a mother, I have received a lot of support in terms of flexible work timings. I really enjoy working here.

Ways of working

At CEAT, we strive to create a work culture which stimulates employees' professional growth . The Employee-Management relationship is built on pillars like trust, respect and integrity. Such an environment is conducive to bringing out the best of their creative and analytical abilities through hands-on-deck experience.

Quality Based Management (QBM)

QBM is followed at CEAT as a way of management for the entire organization. It consists of philosophy, systems, tools and technique from Total Quality Management (TQM), Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Toyota Production System (TPS).

The primary objective is to align people on 3 major focus areas -

  • Promote quality thinking in the organization
  • Develop organization culture and values based on TQM principles
  • Becoming customer centric in setting up of objectives and targets
CEAT Awarded Deming

CEAT Awarded Deming Prize

Values – CAIRO

Values – CAIRO and its definition


Innovative and Agile, Questioning existing ways, Promoting Experimentation

I am a Challenger when…
  • I strive towards breakthrough innovation
  • I prototype new methods and develop on innovation funnel
  • I question existing ways of working
  • I am open to critique
Aspiration Led

Aspiration Led

Purpose-led, Passion for superior performance, walking the extra mile

I am Aspiration Led when…
  • I dare to dream
  • I deliver an outstanding experience to my customers
  • I walk the extra mile in pursuit of our purpose and vision
Aspiration Led


Being Authentic, Transparent and keeping Commitments

I demonstrate integrity when…
  • I take responsibility for my actions and ensure I do what I say and say what I do
  • I am transparent with my stakeholders
  • I honor my commitments
  • I am responsible with company information
Result Obsession

Result Obsession

Passion, High Energy, Speed and Collaboration

I demonstrate result obsession when…
  • I bring passion, high energy and systematic planning towards every goal that I pursue
  • I take timely decisions and base them on facts and data
  • I put interest of the organization ahead of my own and collaborate to make it happen
  • I take accountability of results directly and also drive accountability with my co-workers
Result Obsession


Approachable, Open and Boundaryless

I am open when...
  • I am approachable and involve larger team and their views
  • I value the skills, strengths and views of others
  • I operate directly across functions rather than through hierarchy
  • I have a passion for learning, sharing ideas and help others develop

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