Terms & Conditions

Every tyre, tube & flap manufactured and/or marketed by “CEAT Ltd” is warranted to be free from defects in material quality or workmanship in its first tread life & warranty period. If our examination shows that a product has failed during the warranty period mentioned in this warranty policy, we shall replace the product on pro-rata wear basis subject to terms and conditions of this warranty policy. The amount to be compensated for the tyre will be calculated from the percentage of tread wear. In other words, the so called “remaining tread depth measurement system” will be applied.
  1. Following tyres shall not be covered under warranty:
    • Tyres worn beyond tread wear indicator
    • Tyres damaged on account of incorrect mounting/demounting, improper wheel alignment / balancing, uneven wear.
    • Tyres with road hazard damages (through cuts, external injuries, impact break, repairable or not repairable). Unless explicitly mentioned in the policy.
    • Tyres damaged or wear due to vehicle mechanical irregularities.
    • Tyres damaged due to vehicle overload or improper inflation pressure.
    • Tyres damaged on account of fire, accident, climatic conditions, improper storage or any other external factor.
    • Tyres which are retreaded or second - hand .
    • Tyres / Tubes / Flaps purchased from unauthorised dealers .
    • Improper use and Improper Repair.
    • Contamination or degradation by petroleum products or other chemicals, fire or water.
  2. The decision of representative of CEAT after investigation will be final.
  3. Liability of CEAT is limited towards the cost of tyres/tube/flap only and does not provide for compensation in case of incidental or consequential damages including loss of use of vehicle and loss of time.
  4. The warranty is applicable for the first owner of the product and is not transferable.
  5. Apart from the warranty stated in the warranty policy, there are no other guarantee, warranty, or liability, express or implied, applicable to the products of CEAT. No representative has authority to make any other representation, promise, agreement except as stated herein.
  6. The warranty is only for the product under complaint and if the tyre is accepted under warranty the companion tyre or any other vehicles components will not be considered for warranty.
  7. Tyres presented to an authorized CEAT Dealer under claim for warranty shall remain the property of the consumer and CEAT accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to tyres while they are in the custody or control of an authorized CEAT Dealer for inspection. The tyre will be property of CEAT once adjusted by CEAT Customer Service Representative as per the warranty policy & received at CEAT premises
  8. CEAT reserve the right to revise the terms and conditions of the warranty policy without any prior notice.

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