EnergyDrive Tyres

Noise Reduction

The tyre restricts block movement and lower air pumping due to lower groove width which results in reduced rolling noise. Pitch sequencing of centre ribs and shoulder ribs are designed differently to reduce resonance and thereby tire noise. Our CACTUS algorithm (CEAT Acoustic Comfort on Tread Using Simulation) based pattern pitch sequencing helps in lowering overall noise levels.


Just like the soundproofing of an auditorium, CEAT’s CALM technology ensures a quieter cabin experience. It consists of an acoustic fabric which passes the noise waves into a noise cancellation material without any reflection. The noise cancellation material absorbs and decreases the noise waves within the tyre cavity completely.

Felt Technology

Felt technology ensures better hands-free communication and enables drivers to drive mindfully. Customised for electrical vehicles, EnergyDrive is paving the path towards sustainability.

For reduced cabin

noise and sustainability.

Safety Tyre

Fuzzy-circuit inspired Sipe design

Excellent grip on wet roads

Specially designed to lower cabin noise

Sleek groove technology

ContraAir-wall Technology

CalmTyre Technology

A patented sound absorbing material to reduce cavity noise

Customised for Electrical Vehicles

EasyFlex Cavity

Lower rolling resistance

DuraBlock Technology

Tangential and lateral stiffness improved by 6 % to withstand with instant high torque

Enjoy better hands-free communication with low noise tyre


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