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Disclaimer- Gripp X3 tyres are currently available for limited scooter models only. We are working towards making it available for every vehicle in the coming future

Discover The Technology

Worn out tyre? No problem! Gripp X3 keeps you gripped on to the road, regardless of your tyre’s age. At the core of the Gripp X3’s dual compound technology, is an inner high grip compound that provides you with a safe, confident ride and strong grip at maximum tyre wear.



Long-lasting grip

Powered by a special dual compound technology, the tyre’s grip never fades – regardless of its age



Confident and safe ride with lesser braking distance across varied surfaces


Longer tyre life

Unique technology that reduces wear and tear, thereby boosting your tyre’s life performance


Improved traction and

Bigger centre tread blocks that help you stay strong on straight, rough and wet roads


Superior control

Stiffer shoulder blocks and sidewalls make for a larger and more rigid contact area

Gripp X3 Vs. Others

Other Tyres Gripp X3

The tyre grip reduces with tyre wear

Tyre grip effective up to 80% wear and tear

More distance after braking means lesser safety (25% more distance than Gripp X3)

Lesser distance after braking means more safety (Safer riding experience on every road)


1. What scooters have Gripp X3 fitted on?

Gripp X3 will be fitted on to all Honda scooters, Hero Pleasure, Hero Duet, Hero Maestro and Suzuki Access amongst others.

2. Where can I buy the tyre?

The tyre can be purchased on and across all CEAT Shoppes, dealers, distributors and sub-dealers.

3. What is the dual compound technology?

The dual compound technology, also called double layer technology, is the architecture behind the tyre’s long-lasting grip. When the tyre’s outer layer wears out, the inner layer equipped with a much higher grip helps to restore its original properties. This keeps the tyre’s grip action effective till 80% wear and tear – thereby, maintaining the grip for the life of the tyre.

4. Will Gripp X3 help maintain a good grip across rough terrains as well as dry and wet surfaces?

Yes, Gripp X3 has been specifically designed to include directional grooves for better aquaplaning and superior performance on varied terrain.

5. What makes Gripp X3 safe?

Gripp X3 has bigger centre tread blocks with specially designed groove direction and stiffer shoulder blocks and sidewalls to give you complete control of your ride across any terrain.

6. Does Gripp X3 have warranty?

While added benefits make Gripp X3 provides you with a long-lasting grip, the warranty benefits help you in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

  • Warranty period for non-manufacturing defects
    • Three years from the date of manufacture or up to 100% tread wear whichever is earlier, irrespective of the kilometres covered
    • Replacement free of cost until 10% wear
    • Post 10% tread wear, a replacement offer will be charged on a pro-rata basis
  • Warranty period for manufacturing defects
    • 6 years from the date of manufacture or till the tyre tread is worn up to Tread Wear Indicators, whichever is earlier, irrespective of the kilometres covered


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