The Best Honda Dio Tyres

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The Honda Dio attracts riders of all genders with its youthful and striking design. As for handling and performance, its tried and tested engine needs no introduction. It is efficient as well as refined in every aspect. And not to forget the Dio tyre that makes the ride smooth and stable under diverse road setups. Competent riders know that to enjoy stress-free riding, every aspect counts, even the Dio tyre size.  

The stylish Honda scooter comes decked with incredible features such as an LED headlamp, full digital display, external fuel lid. It lets you flaunt your style from every angle. But let us talk about the footwork involved, that is, the Honda Dio tyres. With what type of tyre and wheel is the Honda Dio fitted? What are the recommended tyre patterns from CEAT? What is the Dio tyre price? Read on to find out!

  • Honda Dio Tyre and Wheel

    The striking Honda Dio’s variant BS6 comes company-fitted with a 12-inch rim size at the front and a 10-inch rim at the rear. All other variants of the Dio come fitted with identical front and rear rim sizes, 10 inches. In addition, the Dio scooter variants, Honda Dio STD & Honda Dio DLX, have steel spoke wheels for extra sturdiness.  

  • Honda Dio Tyre Size
    • The sturdy set of Honda Dio BS6 tyres at the front and rear have different sizes to ensure maximum riding pleasure and flexibility - 90/90-12 and 90/100-10, respectively.

    • The larger sized tyre takes on the city roads with ease. The rear has a 90/100-10 tyre size to maintain the right balance of grip and load-bearing capability. 

    • For all other Dio variants, the Dio tyre size at the front and rear is 90/100-10. 

    • All the sizes of the tyres come in a tubeless layout for hassle-free rides.

  • Recommended Honda Dio Tyres from CEAT

    • The Dio front tyre offered by CEAT is CEAT Zoom X3 for size 90/100-10 and the CEAT Zoom D for size 90/90-12. The CEAT scooter tyres with a distinctive pattern allow superior stability in wet and dry conditions. In addition, the tyres’ rounded profile calls for a surefooted riding experience while cutting corners in heavy traffic. 
    • For the rear fitment, CEAT recommends the CEAT Gripp X3 scooter tyre. Gripp X3 features a block pattern ready for any terrain. Its deep grooves translate into efficient water dispersal and prompt braking at high speeds.

  • Honda Dio tyre price

    The front and rear tyre patterns for Honda Dio are priced reasonably. 

    • CEAT Zoom X3 Dio front tyre sized 90/100-10: ₹1320
    • CEAT Zoom D Dio front tyre sized 90/90-12: ₹1285
    • CEAT Gripp X3 rear tyre sized 90/100-10: ₹1320

    Buy Honda Dio tyres from CEAT here and experience smoothness with every ride.