Tyres for your Bajaj Dominar

The right motorcycle tyres add to the bike’s performance and enhance the ride quality. Here are the recommended CEAT radial tyres for Bajaj Dominar.

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Bajaj Dominar Tyre Size Guide

Bajaj Dominar Variant Dominar Front Tyre Size Dominar Rear Tyre Size
Dominar 400 cc 110/70R17 150/60R17

Most Frequently Asked Questions

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The optimum Bajaj Dominar tyre pressure level is 28.5 PSI in the front and 32 PSI in the rear tyre.

If the OEM fitment has a spoke rim/wheel, you should opt for tube-type bike tyres. If the OEM fitment has an alloy rim/wheel, you should opt for tubeless bike tyres.

No, you should avoid mixing brands for the front and rear tyres. Using tyres from different brands for your bike's wheels may hamper with its performance and ride quality.

The optimum speed rating of a tyre for Bajaj Dominar is 54H for the front tyre, i.e the tyre can carry a load of 212kg at the maximum speed of 210km/h.

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