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Innovating today for a safer, smarter tomorrow.

Manufacturing Automation

Manufacturing Execution Systems
Virtual reality
Automatedstorage andretrieval system
Use of robots

Customer Lifecycle

Preparedness for Future Mobility


Imagination to innovation

Innovating happiness for our customers by leveraging consumer insights, our R&D capabilities and digital technology

  • Customer Innovation

    Wheel Fitment At Home

    Avail home tyre fitment and services, open your doors to safety and convenience

  • Material Development

    Wheels That Self-Seal

    The unique self-sealing, puncture safe, high performance tyre. Now, never fall flat.

  • Customer Innovation

    Smart Fleets

    End-to-end tyre management solutions to help improve your fleet's performance.

  • Customer Innovation

    E for easy, E for eClaims

    The CEAT digital solution enables on-spot claim settlement and makes it convenient for the customer.

  • Product Innovation

    Sensors in a Tyre!

    Stay unstoppable with these intelligent, long-lasting truck tyres.

  • Product Innovation

    Pepper Up!

    Our innovative Safety Grip with pepper spray helps women move safely on roads