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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Volkswagen Polo Tyre

Have queries related to Volkswagen Polo Tyre? Find answers to your questions related to Volkswagen Polo Tyre

These details can be found in the user manual of the car or mentioned on a yellow sticker at the door jamb at the driver’s side.

No, you should avoid mixing brands for the front and rear tyres. Using tyres from different brands for your vehicle may hamper with its performance and ride quality.

The Volkswagen Polo tyre price depends on the type of tread pattern you choose from the given variety of tyres offered by CEAT.

Every Volkswagen Polo tyre size has a unique speed and load index which can be found on the tyre’s sidewall.

The Volkswagen Polo front tyre pressure is 30 psi, while the Volkswagen Polo Rear Tyre Pressure is 33 psi.

The frequency of tyre change depends on your driving habits and road conditions. However, it's recommended that you change your Polo tyres every 30,000 to 40,000 Kms.

CEAT offers a range of Volkswagen Polo Tyres. The most recommended Polo tyre is CEAT FuelSmarrt.

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Know more about Volkswagen Polo Tyre Size and Price

Find the Best Polo Tyre Online

How to find the best Volkswagen Polo Tyre?

When it comes to choosing the right Polo tyres, there are a few things to consider. The Polo tyre comes in various sizes. Consider the driving pattern while choosing the right Polo tyre. A Volkswagen Polo tyre which is designed for good fuel economy and excellent traction in wet weather would be great. Polo tyres with good tread life and a comfortable ride would be best for highway driving. So, consider both your driving style and the road conditions you often drive on while choosing the best Polo Tyre.

Volkswagen Polo Tyre Size

The recommended Volkswagen Polo tyre size is 175/70R14. The upsize Volkswagen Polo tyre size are 185/65R14 and 185/55R16. They have radial construction. The radial construction provides less rolling resistance, lower fuel consumption and more excellent grip at higher speeds. The tubeless layout makes it easier to ride on them without worrying about flat spots!

The best tyres for Volkswagen Polo from CEAT

CEAT Tyres offer three distinct Polo tyre patterns to suit the varying road conditions in India: CEAT Milaze X3 tyre, CEAT FuelSmarrt tyre and CEAT SecuraDrive tyre.

1)   CEAT Milaze X3 is one of the best car tyres. The Polo tyre comes with an improved tread compound that provides even better mileage. The benefits of this tyre are:
- Long-lasting: The improved compound leads to a longer lifespan for the tyre.
- Even wear: The new and improved tread design ensures even wear of the tyre.
- Sharp Cornering:  The new and improved sidewall provides better grip while cornering.

The CEAT Milaze X3 tyres are only available in the tubeless layout for Volkswagen Polo tyre sizes - 185/65R14 and 175/70R14 

2) The CEAT FuelSmarrt Volkswagen polo car tyre is an eco-friendly and economical choice. It enhances your driving experience with these benefits:
- Fuel efficiency: With its unique tread design, the CEAT FuelSmarrt tyre provides low rolling resistance. As a result, it helps you save fuel.
- Low Cabin Noise:  The unique tread pattern of the CEAT FuelSmarrt tyre ensures a quiet and comfortable drive.
- Enhanced Grip:   The wide and deep tread grooves of the CEAT FuelSmarrt improve its grip on the road. As a result, you can drive with confidence, even on slippery surfaces.

The CEAT FuelSmarrt tyres are only available in the tubeless layout for the 175/70R14 Volkswagen Polo tyre size.

3) CEAT SecuraDrive This Polo tyre from CEAT is known for its superior control and enhanced comfort. Its benefits are:

 -Excellent Cornering Stability:  It offers outstanding stability and grip in all weather and road conditions.
- Superior Control: It has excellent braking and handling and overall control.
- Enhanced comfort: It has longitudinal grooves that improve comfort by providing a smoother ride.
- Lower Tyre Noise: It has a unique tread pattern that helps in reducing tyre noise. That makes it an ideal choice.

The CEAT SecuraDrive tyres are only available in the tubeless layout for the 185/55R16 Volkswagen Polo tyre size.

Volkswagen Polo Tyre Price

CEAT has the most affordable tyres for the Volkswagen Polo. It is one of the most popular choices among customers for its high performance and safety. You can check out more information on Polo Tyre Price by entering your details in the search section. above.


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