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CEAT tyre size guide
  • 205 is the Section Width of a tyre
  • 55 is Aspect Ratio of tyre
  • 16 is Diameter of the wheel rim
  • 91 is maximum Load Capacity
  • v is the Speed symbol

CEAT tyre size guide

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Have queries related to Maruti Celerio Tyres? Find answers to your questions related to Maruti Celerio Tyres

These details can be found in the user manual of the car or mentioned on a yellow sticker at the door jamb at the driver’s side.

No, you should avoid mixing brands for the front and rear tyres. Using tyres from different brands for your vehicle may hamper with its performance and ride quality.

The Maruti Celerio tyre price depends on the type of tread pattern you choose from the given variety of tyres offered by CEAT.

Every Maruti Celerio tyre size has a unique speed and load index which can be found on the tyre’s sidewall.

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Know more about Maruti Celerio Tyre Size and Pressure

The recommended Maruti Celerio Tyre Size is 155/80 R13. The suggested Maruti Celerio tyre pressure for front tyre is 36, and for rear tyre is 33. Maruti Celerio Tyre Cost depends on the tyre pattern you choose. 

The tyre patterns which you can choose for your Maruti Celerio are -

CEAT Milaze X3 which is also known as the 1 lakh km* tyre.  Milaze X3 car tyres are crafted for those car owners who are mileage-conscious. If you want a combination of  - safety and long tyre life then Milaze X3 is recommended tyre for Maruti Celerio.

CEAT Fuelsmarrt which helps save fuel by 7%** because of it's low traction. If you're searching for a car tyre that saves more fuel per mile and also allows confident handling then this is the right tyre for Maruti Celerio.

*Projected mileage based on controlled tests on Indian roads. Actual performance may vary basis road, terrain, vehicle, and driving conditions.

**under standard test conditions

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