The Maruti Wagon R is one of the most coveted entry-level cars in India. This family car is known for its tall boy design, which provides better headroom for both, the driver and the passengers. The new 2019 Wagon R is now bigger and more practical in every sense. Since its inception, the family hatchback has witnessed numerous updates involving the interiors and exteriors. The Wagon-R requires a set of strong, durable wheels that enhance its safety and durability.

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AMT VXI 155/65R14 3400
VXI PLUS 155/65R14 3400
 VXI(O) 155/65R14 3400
 DIESEL 155/65R14 3400
AX 145/80R13 2875
DUO 145/80R13 2875
KREST 145/80R13 2875
 LX 145/80R13 2875
LXI 145/80R13 2875
VXI 145/80R13 2875
 PRO 145/80R13 2875
LXI BSIII 155/80R13 3285
VXI BSIII 155/80R13 3285
NEW  165/70R14 2980
VXI (O) 1.0 165/70R14 2980
 VXI 1.2 165/70R14 2980
ZXI 1.2 165/70R14 2980
ALL BSII VARIANTS. 145/80R13 2875
PETROL LX BSIII 155/80R13 3285
PETROL VXI BSIII 155/80R13 3285
 PETROL AX BSIII 155/80R13 3285
PETROL VX 155/65R13 2830
AMT VXI 155/65R14 3400
 VXI 155/65R14 3400
 LXI 155/65R14 3400

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Have queries related to Maruti Wagon R Tyres? Find answers to your questions related to Maruti Wagon R Tyre

These details can be found in the user manual of the car or mentioned on a yellow sticker at the door jamb at the driver’s side.

The Wagon R tyre price depends on the type of tread pattern you choose from the given variety of tyres offered by CEAT. Buy Maruti Wagon R tyre online or visit a nearest tyre dealer.

The Wagon R Lxi tyre size is 155/80 R13. On the other hand, Vxi and Zxi of the 2019 Wagon R come factory-fitted with 165/70 R14 size tyres.

No, you should avoid mixing tyre brands for the front and rear tyres. Using different tyre brands for Maruti Wagon R may hamper with its performance & ride quality.

Every Maruti Wagon R tyre size has a unique speed and load index which can be found on the tyre’s sidewall.

CEAT Milaze X3 provides better ride quality & long tyre life

Long-lasting warranty and tyres.

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Know more about Maruti Wagon R Tyre Size and Price

Maruti Wagon R Tyre Sizes

The 2019 model's tyre sizes are available in rim dimensions 13” and 14”, which are the same dimensions as the earlier models. However, the new Wagon R tyres have a greater width for better stability. The Wagon R Lxi models feature 155/80 R13 size tyres. On the other hand, the mid and top-end variants (i.e. Vxi and Zxi) of the 2019 Wagon R come factory-fitted with 165/70 R14 size tyres.

Best CEAT Tyres for Maruti Wagon-R

CEAT’s Milaze X3 goes a long distance, just like your Maruti Wagon R and offers the following benefits -

• Better ride quality • Safer drive • Long tyre life

The multi-faceted tubeless tyre offers better grip, easy handling, longevity, and is an asset for your family car. Choosing CEAT’s Milaze X3 as a Wagon R tubeless tyre makes your wheels resistant to punctures, thanks to its stiff sidewall structure and high rubber content in the tread.

Maruti Wagon R Tyre Prices

The Maruti Wagon R is known for its durability and value for money. Likewise, the Milaze X3 tyres from CEAT also echo similar sentiments with their affordable price range. Find out more about the Milaze X3 Wagon R tyre price online or visit your nearest CEAT Shoppe to learn more.