‘Tyred’ of driving to work daily on fuel guzzling wheels? Get smart!

Car Tyre 20-10-2020

Get smart!

Remember the ‘kitna deti hai’ mindset of the typical Indian vehicle consumer? Ask any car buyer to name the top three features that help them choose a car model. Undoubtedly, the vehicle’s fuel-efficiency is on top of the list.

Once upon a time, this ‘kitna deti hai’ factor symbolised the typical money-saving psyche of the Indian consumer. But thanks to the constant rise in petroleum costs, it has become a norm for any vehicle buyer to go for a fuel-efficient car. Otherwise, the fuel costs can certainly stress you out, especially if you have to drive to work every day.

Another reason for this trend of buying fuel-saving vehicles is the environment. So fuel-efficiency is not just about being money-smart, but being eco-smart too.

  • So then, how can you save more fuel even while driving your vehicle?

    A key factor which helps save fuel nowadays is the use of technologically advanced engines in vehicles. Even periodic service/tuning of the car, engine oil change, driving at moderate speed, etc help in saving fuel.

    But bet you didn’t know that a vehicle’s tyres can also play a vital role in delivering more mileage, did you? So, if you are one of those vehicle owners who drives to work everyday, it’s time to get fuel-saving tyres for your car.  If you want to make the switch now, you can easily find and learn about fuel-efficient car tyres .

  • But if you want to know more about how tyres can help in saving fuel, here are some tips:

    Driving to work every day amidst chaotic traffic and pot-holed roads causes a lot of wear and tear to your tyres, leading to more fuel usage. So how can you ensure your car tyres are also fuel-smart?

    a) Correct and timely pressure check

    Over or under-inflated tyres lead to an unstable fuel economy, therefore, always opt for recommended air pressure in tyres as per the user manual. Depending upon your running, examine the tyre pressure fortnightly or monthly. To get the correct tyre pressure, measure it when the wheels are cool (stationary for more than three hours).

  • b) Save fuel by selecting the right tyres.

    Look for truly fuel-efficient car tyres. The market is flooded with car tyre brands claiming high fuel efficiency, but they are rarely tested for it. However, brands like CEAT FuelSmarrt car tyres, one of the best car tyre brands, have been specifically tested under standard conditions for fuel savings, and are known to save fuel upto 7% more than regular tyres. It is the low rolling friction of these tyres that reduces fuel consumption and makes your journey more fuel-efficient and less ‘tyresome’!

  • c) Check the tyre’s tread condition

    The part of the tyre which is in direct contact with the road surface, is called the tread. Rough driving and frequent unnecessary braking makes the tread wear out quickly, affecting the grip and the vehicle’s fuel mileage in the long run. To check the tread condition, look for  the Tread Wear Indicators (TWI) found inside the grooves of every tyre. If they have vanished due to excessive use, it’s time to get a new set of tyres. Find the fuel efficient, pocket-friendly CEAT’s FuelSmarrt car tyres online now.

  • d) Use an accurate tyre size

    The factory-fit tyre size is the best fit for your car. Choosing a broader or bigger rim tyre may improve performance but will negatively impact fuel economy. In case you want to swap the worn-out tyres with new ones, ideally, you should repeat the same ones that were originally fitted in your car. However, you may go for a different make and model but stick to the same factory-fit tyre size. These sizes are tested for low rolling resistance which leads to a higher fuel economy.

    You can find the eco-smart, fuel efficient brands like CEAT FuelSmarrt car tyres online or at a CEAT Shoppe near you. Go on, hit the road with the best car tyres like CEAT’s FuelSmarrt and save the world, while driving to work.


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