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The Ertiga requires a tyre that offers adequate handling, stability and longevity. Buy CEAT Ertiga Tyres Online to make a difference to your driving. 


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MARUTI ERTIGA LXI 185/65R15 5070
MARUTI ERTIGA VXI 185/65R15 5070
MARUTI ERTIGA VDI 185/65R15 5070
MARUTI ERTIGA ZXI 185/65R15 5070
MARUTI ERTIGA ZDI 185/65R15 5070

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Maruti Ertiga Tyre

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These details can be found in the user manual of the car or mentioned on a yellow sticker at the door jamb at the driver’s side.

The Maruti Suzuki Ertiga tyre price depends on the type of tread pattern you choose from the given variety of tyres offered by CEAT.

There a few things to consider when it comes to Ertiga tyre size. It should be based on the model and year of the vehicle and one’s driving habits. 185/65R15 is the recommended Ertiga tyre size.

The Ertiga Tyre Pressure for front tyre is 35, and for rear tyre is 29.

No, you should avoid mixing tyre brands for the front and rear tyres. Using different tyre brands for Ertiga may hamper with its performance and ride quality.

Every Maruti Suzuki Ertiga tyre size has a unique speed and load index which can be found on the tyre’s sidewall.

Depending on your driving habits, you can change your Ertiga tyres every 4-5 years. You should also check the condition of your Ertiga tyres regularly.

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How to choose the Best Maruti Ertiga tyre?

If you are looking for a good set of Maruti Ertiga tyres, the best ones would have to be durable and robust enough to easily navigate city streets. City traffic also demands rapid acceleration as well as sudden braking! The rubber in a high-quality tyre should provide an outstanding dry grip while reducing stopping distances significantly, especially on wet roads. CEAT Ertiga tyres are great as they offer all of these features!

Maruti Ertiga Tyre Size

The factory fit Maruti Ertiga Tyre Size is 185/65R15.

The best Maruti Ertiga Tyre from CEAT Tyres

The Indian roads are tough to drive on, but you'll have all the traction needed with these two distinct options for Maruti Ertiga Tyres from CEAT!

CEAT Milaze X3 tyre is designed to handle heavy traffic or rough conditions better while still long tyre life.

The CEAT SecuraDrive tyre provides enhanced safety in both dry and wet conditions. 

1) CEAT Milaze X3 tyre is one of the best tyre for Ertiga as it is designed to deliver a long tyre life.

Some benefits of CEAT Milaze X3 as Ertiga Tyre:

  • It has a tubeless layout which means there is no risk of punctures.
  • The CEAT tyres are resistant to wear and tear, making them ideal for Indian roads.
  • It offers high endurance against harsh conditions and heavy traffic.
  • It has the new tread compound and optimized tyre depth, providing excellent all-around performance and long tyre life.

The CEAT Milaze X3 tyres are only available in the tubeless layout for Maruti Ertiga Tyre Size - 185/65R15

2) CEAT SecuraDrive tyre is another excellent choice of Ertiga Tyre as it offers excellent grip and handling.

Some benefits of CEAT SecuraDrive: 

  • It has the best rubber compound, which is excellent for cornering stability and helps provide an improved driving experience at all speeds.
  • The wide tread pattern of CEAT SecuraDrive tyre helps in water dispersal, making it an excellent choice for Indian roads.
  • It has superior control and stability, making it a safe choice for all who drive Ertiga.
  • Minimized tyre noise is another key feature, making for a more comfortable drive.

The CEAT SecuraDrive tyres are only available in the tubeless layout  for Maruti Ertiga tyre sizes - 185/65R15 and 195/60R15

Maruti Ertiga Tyre Pressure

Maruti Ertiga front Tyre Pressure is 35, and Maruti Ertiga rear Tyre Pressure is 29.

Maruti Ertiga Tyre Price

The Ertiga Tyre Price varies depending on the type and tyre pattern you choose.  You can get more information on Ertiga Tyre Price by entering the details in the search section above. 

You can Buy Maruti Ertiga Tyre Online and get Free Home Delivery of Tyres. You can also visit the nearest CEAT Tyre Dealer.