Our leadership team focuses on annual and future product development and innovation reviews through

  • Long-term planning
  • Customer centricity
  • Sustainability
  • Competency development.

This helps us to develop state-of-the-art products and services for various applications of the automotive industry. Every development initiative at R&D originates from customer requirements that are aligned with the company’s vision and strategy. 

Focus on Core Technology

Making Mobility Safer, Smarter & Sustainable

  • Fuel Efficiency

    Development of core technologies in the areas of rubber

    Material Development
  • Safety

    Develop tyres for all markets and weather conditions for OEM

    Material Development
  • Extended Mobility

    A new range of puncture safe bike tyres is developed with a

    Material Development
  • Tire Life

    Longer lasting tires reduce the end life of tyres reaching scrap yards.

    Material Development

  • Product Development

    Product Development group aims to create global

    Material Development
  • Material Development

    R&D material development laboratory has unique

    Material Development
  • Simulation

    Adaption of simulation tools to reduce physical

    Material Development
  • Product Evaluation

    Inhouse State of art “Tyre performance testing capabilities”

    Material Development

Process Development

Redefining tyre manufacturing process to build sustainable and innovative processes and products by introducing cutting edge technologies to achieve and strengthen our vision of “Making Mobility Safer and Smarter” every day

  • Sustainable Mobility solutions

    Establishing a Green approach in tyre manufacturing by

    Material Development
  • Innovation

    Inventing and integrating cutting edge processes techniques

    Material Development
  • Versatile Process

    Introduction of radical to build modular manufacturing process,

    Material Development

Precise testing, precise performance

Our advanced tyre performance testing capabilities allow rigorous testing of all our products. Armed with cutting edge testing equipment like Flat Trac©, anechoic chamber, high speed uniformity, among others, we also employ highly skilled OEM Correlated test engineers for on-road performance evaluation.

  • Outdoor

  • Indoor


Our path to smarter mobility

The key milestones in our R&D journey towards meeting our purpose of safer mobility across the globe.

  • 1991

    R&D facility at Bhandup, Mumbai

  • 2011

    Corporate R&D facility at Halol, Gujrat

  • 2017

    European Technical Center, Frankfurt Germany

  • 2018

    Advanced Tyre Testing Center at Halol, Gujrat

  • 2019

    European Test Center at Papenburg, Germany