ZOOM RAD X1 tyres for your vehicle

If you long for superior performance and control at higher speeds, Zoom Rad X1 bike tyre is for you!

Unleash absolute performance on your high-performance bike with CEAT Zoom RAD X1. The innovative bike tyre features intelligent radial construction. The radial ply design from bead to bead keeps heat to the minimum, thereby providing higher tyre life. The tyre’s high grip compounding with modified polymers delivers maximum cornering traction and stability under wet and dry conditions. The master of the roads, the Zoom RAD X1 bike tyre is an obvious choice for premium bike owners around the country. The radial tyre is available in the tubeless format. It is the best tyre for KTM and is additionally compatible with multiple vehicles like Bajaj Dominar, Yamaha R15, and TVS Apache RR310.

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Control at High Speeds


150/60R17 66H
  • Tube Less
  • Radial
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