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Grip that Lasts

Gripp X3 120/80-17 62P

  • Tube Less |
  • Bias

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Looking for everlasting grip for your bike tyres? Shoe up your bike with Gripp X3, whose grip remains good as new, even after the tyre gets old.

When bike tyres are used for a long time, their grip loses traction. This causes the vehicle to slip or skid, compromising the rider's safety. But CEAT Gripp X3 bike tyres are equipped with a strong grip which is as good as new. The latest version of the reliable Gripp series, the bike tyres Gripp X3, has unique attributes such as the Dual Compound Technology which offers riders an uncompromised grip, and safety with its high-strength, twin layers. The CEAT Gripp X3 provides outstanding grip, even if the bike tyres have been in use for a long time, guaranteeing solid safety to the riders throughout its lifespan. The CEAT Gripp X3 bike tyres are equipped with a unique tread pattern and modern rubber compound to perform well on wet/dry city roads. These bike tyres are suitable for commuter as well as premium bikes. They offer comfort and quality rides without sacrificing longevity. Read more

Features & Benefits

Fuel efficiency

Prolonged Traction

With Dual tread layers provides everlasting grip even after exhaustive usage

Enhanced grip

Long-Lasting Grip

High grip compound provides extra grip for more safety & confident braking

Better handling

Robust Built

Robust bias-ply construction ensures maximum rigidity for high load strength

Low cabin noise

Wet & Dry Grip

Guaranteed by the directional grooves on wet & dry surfaces

Testimonials for your Gripp X3

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testimonial-img Faisal Farooqui
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testimonial-img Easubabu
testimonial-img Vivek
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This tyre is best suited for on and off road.

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What is the warranty applicable on this tyre?

The tyre has manufacturing warranty up to 6 years from the date of manufacturing. A special warranty covers non-manufacturing defects up to 3 years or 100% tread wear whichever is earlier.

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Is it a tube-type or tubeless bike tyre

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