Be Monsoon Smart With CEAT Tyres

The monsoons are back with a bang. In some places, with cyclones.

However, with the breezy weather and romantic landscapes, the roads invite you where nothing can come between you and the view from your 2 wheeler. You might be raring to twist the throttle, but don’t let those wet, slippery roads dampen your free-spirited rides. First, check whether your 2 wheeler is rain-ready with the best monsoon bike tyres and scooter tyres.

  • True-blue 2-wheeler riders believe that “If you don’t ride in the rain, you don’t ride.” While a lot of us love to hit the roads in the rains, riding on wet, slippery roads can be quite tricky as it comes with its own set of problems, despite using the best rain bike tyres or scooter tyres. For instance:

    ●        Brake and engine breakdowns are frequent in the monsoons

    ●        Skidding can lead to accidents and injuries

    ●        Add to that, the roads are pockmarked with potholes leading to imbalance

    ●        Punctures are more frequent in the monsoons. Plus worn-out tyres are at a higher risk of going flat.

  • In short, riding in the rain is like riding a tightrope. Even the best bike or scooter tyres can lose control on the wet surface, making it riskier to ride on wet roads. So how can we bring back the monsoon mojo in your ride and make riding fun in the rain?

  • Remember, for control and stability in wet weather, the tyre grip plays a vital role. Hence you require the best road bike tyres to avoid punctures, and which have the best tyre grip under wet conditions.

    Check out this range of our best monsoon bike tyres and scooter tyres from CEAT to make your bike or scooter rain-ready so you don’t miss out on all that riding fun:

  • Best Monsoon Motorcycle tyres from CEAT:

    Our best road bike tyres for the rains are specially designed to optimize your monsoon riding. These tyres come with a robust structure and excellent wet grip. The innovative compounds used in the tyres provide enhanced comfort and stability. Check out CEAT’s wide variety of monsoon motorcycle tyres  detailed below:      

  • CEAT Gripp X3:

    The most modern Grip series tyre, Gripp X3, has an innovative tread for outstanding traction under damp and dry situations. It uses dual-compound technology (an inner high grip compound which gives a long-lasting grip) to ensure everlasting grip on the roads, especially wet surfaces.

    Its aesthetically appealing angular tread block pattern calls for brilliant grip and better water evacuation during rains, making it one of the best grip tyres for bikes.

  • CEAT Zoom Rad X1:

    Grip, comfort, control at high speeds, and wet handling are the prominent attributes of Zoom Rad X1 tyre. The performance bike tyre is endowed with high rubber content in the central part to allow outstanding stability and traction during high-speed rides. Cornering is made easy, even under wet conditions owing to broad shoulder grooves. A popular choice in the 150cc-390cc bike segment, CEAT Zoom Rad X1 radial tyre takes comfort and control to the next level while riding. 

  • CEAT Gripp XL is another viable option as a “best grip motorcycle tyre”. It’s angular grip pattern blocks act like teeth that ensure good traction and superior wet and dry grip on all terrains. One of the best grip bike tyres, it performs remarkably well both on and off the road, making it perfect for adventure biking. Tackle slushy roads without a sweat with the CEAT Gripp XL bike tyre.

  • Scooter tyres from CEAT

    Scooters provide convenient handling and fuss-free[1] [2]  manoeuvrability in cities. To meet the ever-increasing aftermarket demand in the country, CEAT offers a vast range of the best monsoon scooter tyres. You can choose from the following scooter tyre patterns to smoothen your ride for roads:

  • CEAT Milaze: Built to perform under unfavourable road conditions, this tyre comes with a rugged design that ensures high durability and longevity. It handles wet surfaces aptly with its knobby tread design and multi-directional grooves. The deep grooves aid in superior water channelling assuring unvarying road contact. These features also make the Milaze one of the best scooter tyres with a powerful grip.

  • CEAT Zoom D: Meant for those who look for speed, comfort and safety, Zoom D features zig-zag grooves for excellent handling under wet road conditions. The tyre handles road undulations perfectly with its lateral sipes and maintains better friction on the surface.

  • CEAT Gripp X3: This tyre serves well as a monsoon scooter tyre as it offers high-end traction on wet surfaces, as well as dry surfaces. It comes with a double-layer technology. This means that even if the first layer gets worn out, the underlying layer will replace it. Everlasting grip for your scooter!


  • With CEAT, make your monsoon riding fun. Choose safety and switch to CEAT bike and scooter tyres that ensure a stable ride as you cruise along the rainkissed roads.

    You can browse to buy the best grip tyres online easily. Pick the best monsoon tyres from CEAT, which come with everlasting grip on the wet surfaces. As the rains kick in, get ready for the roads.


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