Buyer's Guide For Honda Shine Tyre Size

While thinking of reliability and refinement among 125cc motorcycles, the Honda Shine has set a great example. Its success over the years is because of its intact core strengths and unchanged Honda Shine tyre size. The 18-inch, 80/100-18 tyres are standard for the front and the rear Honda Shine bike tyres. 

Here is a comprehensive guide about all the tubeless tyre options that CEAT offers for the Honda Shine motorcycle:

  • Front Tyre Options For Honda Shine Tyre Size (80/100-18 47P)
    • CEAT Secura Zoom F

    The tyre provides a safe riding experience, even in the most unpredictable situations. The CEAT Secura Zoom F’s design has unique directional grooves at the tread for outstanding stability on dry surfaces and a confident grip on wet surfaces. If you commute more on city roads, it has a continuous centre rib that prevents skidding and eventually improves handling at low speeds under traffic conditions. Check here for more details. 

    • CEAT Zoom Plus F

    The CEAT Zoom Plus F has a punchy acceleration and ease of riding the Honda Shine. This Honda Shine front tyre has a wider tread arc radius and continuous grooves from centre to corner, which helps better the cornering capabilities of the Shine. Also, even on high-speed stretches, the CEAT Zoom Plus F ensures that the motorcycle feels confident owing to its continuous centre groove. Check here for more details.

    Rear Tyre Options For Honda Shine Tyre Size 80/100-18 54P

    • CEAT Milaze

    CEAT Milaze is known due to its durable nature and hassle-free performance across all seasons. This Honda Shine bike tyre comes with interlocked blocks, which offer surefooted grip and better water drainage. The knobby design of the tyre encourages even wear throughout life. The longevity-focused Honda Shine rear tyre has greater non-skid depth at the tread for optimum stability and safe riding. Check here for more details.

    • CEAT Secura Zoom+

    For safe high-speed rides, CEAT Secura Zoom+ can be the best bet. Similar to its front counterpart Secura Zoom F, this rear tyre also features all the class-leading attributes of the Secura tyre range. The block-to-block groove of the Secura Zoom+ ensures that the tyre maintains continuous contact with the surface beneath. Apart from this, the handling and endurance are taken care of by its circumferential groove and lateral grooves. Check here for more details.

    • CEAT Gripp X3

    If you traverse over rough and smooth surfaces alike, you can pick CEAT Gripp X3 for its stability and optimum hold on any surface. The double-layer, double confidence tyre features dual-compound expertise for prolonged traction. The bias-ply construction and rigid sidewall absorb roadside undulations well and maintain a comfy ride. The deep grooves evacuate water rapidly and prevent any hydroplaning or slippage risk. Check here for more details.

    Special Puncture-Safe Tyres

    Apart from tubeless tyres, CEAT has also introduced a vast range of Puncture-Safe tyres. These include CEAT Puncture-Safe Secura Zoom F, CEAT Puncture-Safe Secura Zoom+, and CEAT Puncture-Safe Gripp X3. These tyres receive a unique in-house developed sealant, which fills small puncture holes of not more than 2.5mm in diameter by itself and thereby ensures a hassle free ride. The sealant remains till the end of the tyre life, while the tyre performs as a regular tubeless tyre.


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