Honda Unicorn Tyre Size, Features & More

The Honda Unicorn is one of the most reliable and low-maintenance motorcycles one can buy in the 150cc entry-level segment. The motorcycle has been in the market for almost two decades in India. Still, it continues to impress all with its ageless and straightforward design and exceptionally refined engine.

The Honda Unicorn Tyre Size

The Honda Unicorn has a host of admirable features, including its wheels. It is easy to ride, thanks to a taut chassis and its tyres. Over the years, the Unicorn tyre size hasn't seen several variations, with the current iteration of the motorcycle riding on the original configuration.

Honda Unicorn front tyre size: 2.75-18

Honda Unicorn rear tyre size: 100/90-18

Our Selection Of Honda Unicorn Tyres

Our current lineup of tyres for Honda Unicorn ranges from speed-oriented tyres to tyres with long-lasting grip. Let's look at them in detail - 


CEAT Secura Zoom F 

Layout: Tube-type


  • The tyre comes with directional grooves in its treads which aid in excellent grip on wet surfaces. 

  • The continuous rib running in the centre helps straight-line stability. The extended grooves at the side help increase traction at low speeds. 

Ideal for: Safe high-speed rides

Price: ₹1,585. Buy here.

CEAT PunctureSafe Gripp F

Layout: Tubeless


  • The new CEAT PunctureSafe Gripp F offers better resistance to punctures due to an in-house patented sealant gel that seals the puncture on the go. 

  • The tyre features dual continuous ribs in the middle for enhanced stability on straight roads. At the same time, the knobs on the tread sides deliver consistent grip on rough patches. 

Ideal for: Long-lasting grip, puncture-resistance

Price: ₹1,935. Buy here


CEAT Gripp X3

Layout: Tubeless


  • The CEAT Gripp X3 uses layered dual compound expertise for maximum grip even after exhaustive usage of tyre tread. 

  • The high grip compound and block tread design offer excellent traction in wet and dry weather. 

  • The tyre's connected blocks ensure wobble-free and smooth rides. 

  • Its rigid bias-ply construction assures high strength structure for high load-bearing capability and superior longevity. 

Ideal for: Long lasting grip, excellent wet grip

Price: ₹2,060. Buy here

CEAT Zoom X3 PunctureSafe Tyre

Layout: Tubeless


  • CEAT Zoom X3 Puncture Safe tyre sets a higher benchmark with our trademark sealant, which helps reduce the possibilities of punctures. 

  • The directional pattern tyre supports problem-free high-speed rides. The deep grooves designed from the centre to the shoulders allow exceptional stability and continuous grip during cornering and sharp turns. 

  • The sporty pattern translates into quick water evacuation leading to a safe ride every time.

Ideal for: Better control at high speeds, puncture-resistance

Price: ₹2,460. Buy here.

Pro tip: The Honda Unicorn tyre size isn't very different from other 150cc motorcycles in the same segment. So, please stick to the manufacturer's specifications and go for our selection of Unicorn tyres, which match the specifications of the stock tyre. Avoid upsizing unless necessary!


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