Own a Hero Glamour? Learn about Glamour bike tyre size, price and more for efficient rides

Hero's Glamour is a premium city commuter and one of the favoured choices in the 125cc motorcycle segment. The model targets mileage-conscious bikers with a style inclination. CEAT provides some of the best Hero Glamour bike tyres that offer super-efficient, reliable performance. This blog will enlighten you about the Glamour bike tyre size and its pressure, and, of course,  the Glamour tyre price range. 

Hero Glamour Bike Tyre Size and Recommended Pressure

The Hero Glamour front tyre size is 80/100-18, while the Glamour rear tyre size is 80/100-18. The wheels of this motorcycle come in a tubeless format. The recommended tyre pressure levels of Hero Glamour are 23 PSI for the front and 33 PSI for the rear.

CEAT Tyres For Hero Glamour

CEAT produces high-quality tyres for many commuter motorcycles, and Hero Glamour is one of them. The CEAT tyres for Glamour provide maximum stability during commutes, long tyre life despite usage, and offer prolonged traction. CEAT’s Glamour bike tyres combine excellent grip, durability, and safety, giving the rider superior control on the modern motorcycle.

Front tyre patterns best suited for Hero Glamour 

The front Glamour bike tyre size is 80/100-18. Therefore, the most suitable option is CEAT Gripp X3 F. This tyre maintains a firm grip on the road while simultaneously providing optimal stability on the go. The tyre’s dual compound technology ensures long-lasting grip so you never need to worry about slipping. Learn more about the tyre's advantages below.

The other CEAT offering for the given Glamour bike tyre size is CEAT Secura Zoom F. It is regarded as one of the safest tyres. This CEAT front tyre is reliable and offers excellent directional stability in city traffic. Here’s why - 

  • The tyre’s robust quality compound can withstand adverse weather conditions and challenging roads with ease. 

  • Speed meets control with the tyre’s extended groove especially beneficial in city riding.

  • The tyre tread’s unique compound ensures long life, a must for daily commuters. 

Rear tyre patterns best suited for Hero Glamour 

The Hero Glamour bike tyre size for the rear fitment is 80/100-18. And to ensure top-notch traction and life, none can beat the CEAT Gripp X3. Here’s why - 

  • The tyre's unique tread pattern provides a long-lasting grip along with ample safety, courtesy of its dual compound technology. 

  • The tyre's rigid bias-ply construction offers benefits like easy handling, maximum surefootedness, and better water channelling. 

  • The connected tread blocks facilitate a wobble-free ride on any terrain.

Hero Glamour Tyre Price

Be it the front or rear fitment, the CEAT bike tyres for Hero Glamour are reasonably priced. The Glamour front tyre size options by CEAT, CEAT Gripp X3 F and CEAT Secura Zoom F are priced between ₹1450-1550. For the Glamour rear tyre size, the CEAT Gripp X3, is priced between  ₹1650-1750. Get rolling on new tyres for Glamour. Buy them here.

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