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In 2008, the Yamaha FZ became one of the first motorcycles to offer a radial tyre construction for a mass-market motorcycle. It offered tubeless tyres for the front fitment as well as the rear fitment of the 150-250cc bike. The tubeless tyres’ long life span is advantageous over the tube-type tyres. However, the tubeless tyres need a replacement after a certain period.

  • Factors That Indicate The Right Time To Replace A Worn-Out FZ Tyre

    Yamaha FZ in 150cc and 250cc versions came with tubeless tyres at both ends. Moreover, the rear tyre featured a radial unit in addition to its tubeless feature. Here are some signs for tubeless tyres that indicate they are nearing the end of their life cycle and need replacement. These are: 

    · The tyre tread wears out beyond the tyre wear indicator (TWI) mark placed on the tyre sidewall.

    · The tyre tread wears out unevenly from the centre portion.

    · The tyre wears out along the length of the tread, resulting in scalping.

    · The tyre has suffered from many punctures or visible cuts in the past.

    · The age and life span of the tyre that the tyre manufacturer had claimed has come to an end.

    Yamaha FZ Tyre Size

    For the 150cc/250cc iterations of the FZ, Yamaha has kept the tyre size the same. The Yamaha FZ tyre size for the front tyre stands at 100/80-17, while the rear size reads 140/60 R17. You can find features and benefits here https://www.ceat.com/bike-tyres/yamaha/fz25-tyres.html.

    Tyre Options For Yamaha FZ Tyre Size

    Currently, CEAT offers three different tyres – two for the front and one for the rear. These tyres are aptly suited for 150cc and 250cc iterations of the Yamaha FZ. The tyre patterns are as follows:

    · CEAT Zoom Plus F

    The Zoom Plus F tyres for the Yamaha FZ tyre size of 100/80-17 front tyre comes with a continuous centre groove, which keeps the motorcycle stable at high speeds and improves riding comfort. The tyre has improved the stability around corners with continuous grooves stretched from centre to corner, while the wider tread arc radius ensures excellent water evacuation. Know more about Yamaha FZ tyre size price here https://www.ceat.com/bike-tyres/bike-product-listing/product-details/100-80-17-zoom-plus-f-tl-52p-sz.html

    · CEAT Puncture-Safe Zoom Plus F

    The Zoom Plus F offered in a puncture-safe version retains all the qualities and looks of the Zoom Plus F. The puncture-safe Zoom Plus F tyres has an in-house patented sealant present in the tread area. This sealant is capable of healing small puncture holes on its own. This helps in reducing the frequency of tyre repairs in case of punctures leading to extended tread and tyre life. Know more about Yamaha FZ tyre size here https://www.ceat.com/bike-tyres/bike-product-listing/product-details/100-80-17-psafe-zoom-plus-f-tl-52p.html

    · CEAT Zoom Rad

    Crafted for the rear Yamaha FZ tyre size of 140/60 R17, the Zoom Rad tyres is one of the most affordable radial tyres you can buy. The tyre offers optimal grip on both wet and dry surfaces due to its wide shoulder grooves. The radial construction of the tyre focuses on the sturdy and improved ride quality of the bike. The Zoom Rad gets additional rubber content on the contact patch for increased longevity and unwavering high-speed rides. The traction around corners is further enhanced by the unique groove design. Thanks to its ‘H’ speed rating, the Zoom Rad is the best Yamaha FZ tyre when it comes to impeccable control at speeds up to 210 km/hr. Know more about Yamaha FZ tyre size here https://www.ceat.com/bike-tyres/bike-product-listing/product-details/140-60r17-zoom-rad-tl-63p.html.


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