Driving Through Fog? Let These Tips Guide You.

Driving through fog certainly sounds romantic and looks cinematic, but in reality, one must be extremely careful while navigating the roads in the middle of a dense fog. The visibility is terrible and you're forced to trust your gut to make any progress which definitely isn't the safest way to drive. So, let's unlock some helpful driving tips that will ensure maximum safety on foggy roads.
  • 1. Stick to your lane!

    ●        This is the basic driving lesson, so stick to the basics. Reduced visibility is the primary consequence of fog. So you need to keep your vehicle within its lane at all times.

    ●        Sticking to your lane reduces the risks of going off the road or crashing into another vehicle.

    ●        Lane markers are beneficial in such a situation. Keep a tab on the lane markers, and on the oncoming traffic.

    ●        While driving on a single lane road, try to drive on the left side to avoid collisions.

  • 2. Park your car and wait.

    ●        When in doubt, stay out. That is, in case of zero visibility, it is better to take your vehicle off the road, slowly and safely and stay put till the visibility is better. Park it at a secure spot and remember to turn the parking and hazard lights ON.   

  • 3. Say no to speeding.

    ●        Speeding in any case is not advisable, and under poor visibility, it is a big NO. It may pump your adrenaline, but it's merely a danger for everyone involved. You may think it's okay to speed a little since you feel there's no vehicle immediately ahead of yours. But you're only inviting trouble as foggy conditions are pretty unpredictable!

    ●        If your vehicle is driving at a high speed, it can become challenging for you to react quickly and gauge your surroundings.

    ●        It's therefore recommended that you drive at a relatively slow pace so that you can respond in time, judge the traffic and stop the car if needed. 

  • 4. Keep the headlights on a low beam.

    ●        It is common for drivers to set the lights on a high beam while driving through foggy conditions. But the high beam reflects back and hinders the driver's visibility.

    ●        When the road visibility is below 100 meters, we suggest that you set the headlights on a low beam. If your car is equipped with fog lamps, turn them ON too.

  • 5. Use indicators to alert others.

    ●        A responsible driver is considerate of other vehicles on the road. Alerting the oncoming and following vehicles is critical during foggy conditions, hence use your indicator or parking lights.

    ●        Before taking any turns, make sure that you turn ON the indicator at least 10 seconds in advance. That way, the vehicles driving behind you get sufficient time to halt or steer conveniently.      

  • 6. Keep the windshields and windows clean.

    ●        Cleanliness can save your life. Really! Keep your front and rear windshields stain-free. And make sure your windows are clean too. This will allow you to view your surroundings easily while driving. You could also use a defogger (defroster) knob to clean the windshield of your car.   

  • 7. Adjust the driver’s seat position.

    ●        Adjust the driver’s seat such that it improves road visibility. Cars that come with an 'adjustable driver's seat height ' feature have a significant advantage to maximize the road view.

    ●        Consider keeping the seat back as straight as possible if your vehicle doesn't have the height adjustment feature. This way, you can get an unobstructed view of the road beyond the car bonnet.        

  • 8. Focus on the road.

    ●        Concentration is key. Keep your focus on the road at all times. It only takes a fraction of a second to draw trouble.

    ●        Driving on a foggy road during nighttime? Well, chewing gum might help you stay awake and focused.

  • 9. Keep the brakes & tyres in perfect condition.

    ●        Upskill your car's reflex. Driving through fog may require you to apply brakes without advance notice. Keep the brakes and tyres in excellent condition so that the vehicle's braking distance can be reduced. 

  • 10. Avoid overtaking

    ●        Do not overtake while driving on a foggy road. This may distract the driver of the other vehicle and lead to a collision. Let patience steer you to your destination safely!   

  • So next time when you hit the road in foggy weather, don't let fog cloud your vision! Remember these driving tips. And if you live in a cold climate, equip your vehicle with the right wheels. You might search for “puncture repair shops near me” online all you want, but how will you get there if you are stuck on damp foggy roads? Find the right tyres online and compare tyre prices to pick what suits you best. 

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