Buying A TVS Jupiter Tyre? Here Are Simple Details You Should Know

TVS Jupiter is a 110cc scooter that has managed to give its segment competitors a run for their money in terms of sales volumes and practicality. This family-oriented unisex scooter has managed to win hearts with its likeable design, decent features, low maintenance design, and fuel-efficient engine. The one area where it has a clear advantage over other 110cc scooters is its tyres – the Jupiter tyre 

Over the years, TVS Jupiter has only undergone cosmetic changes and not mechanical ones. It means that the Jupiter tyre has been consistent with its 12-inch measurement. The following is a litany of suitable tyre options available for TVS Jupiter, with correct sizes and prices, to make your purchase hassle-free.

  • TVS Jupiter Tyre and Wheel Size

    The large tyre, 90/90-12, is fitted at the front as well as the rear wheel. of TVS Jupiter.  The Jupiter tyre is adorned with an alloy wheel setup. This unique and practical blend of rim tyres and alloys makes it the best possible combination you can get in the affordable gearless scooter segment. 

    Recommended TVS Jupiter Tyre Options

    Since its launch, the TVS Jupiter features tubeless tyres as the standard tyre choice. There are two tyre options suitable for the front and rear of TVS Jupiter:

    CEAT Zoom D

    The visually appealing Jupiter tyre can fit at both front and rear ends. It comes with a zig-zag centre groove for excellent rideability on fast stretches and corners alike. Continuous centre grooves from centre to shoulder keep harshness while riding under control, which makes cornering even better. 

    In addition, the extended lateral grooves enhance the tyre grip on wet surfaces to prevent aquaplaning. Moreover, the grip on dry surfaces is consistent thanks to the infusion of optimized rubber compound.

    CEAT Milaze

    CEAT Milaze, Like the Zoom D, is suitable for both front and rear wheels of the TVS Jupiter. Its increased groove depth and high rubber content offers more longevity than competition tyres.

    The multi-directional pattern at the tread area, which reduces tyre wear, is another aspect contributing to its longer life span. The tyre is less susceptible to punctures with its 10% more non-skid depth (NSD). Further, the knobby design navigates through mud and water effectively. 

    TVS Jupiter Tyre Price

    Both tubeless options of TVS Jupiter tyre economic and easily replaceable. While the CEAT Zoom D costs Rs 1,240 (approx), the CEAT Milaze is priced at Rs 1,215 (approx).

    TVS Jupiter tyre availability

    You can compare both CEAT Zoom D and CEAT Milaze online at and select one depending on your requirements and riding conditions. You can also check both these tyres in person at a CEAT Shoppe nearby.


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