The CEAT Milaze Tyres won’t let your Honda Activa 3G Slip

Scooter Tyre

The Honda Activa debuted in the Indian two-wheeler market in 2001. Since then, this stylish unisex scooter has topped the country's two-wheeler market. For example, the Honda Activa 3G was a hit amongst consumers. Whether it was the spunky college goer or the silver-haired septuagenarian, Honda Activa 3G made urban commuting easy for everyone. Despite the launch of the new upgraded version of the bike, the 3G still remains a hot favorite amongst its owners. Are you also a proud owner of the Honda Activa 3G Scooter?

If yes, then you would agree that the maintenance of the Honda Activa 3G scooter is a top priority for the owners. You would also agree that apart from regular service, any 2-wheeler requires a set of strong and durable tyres to maintain its performance. So, let's look at the most suitable tyre brand for the Honda Activa 3G and see how it helps riders achieve its great road performance.

  • Size-wise

    Keep in mind that the tyre size of the Honda Activa 3G  is 90/100-10, where 90 is the width of the tyre section represented in mm, 100 is the aspect ratio in percentage and 10 is the diameter of the rim. Both, the front and the rear wheels of the Activa 3G, can be paired with 90/100-10 tyres

  • Which is the best tyre brand for Activa 3G?

    If you have to choose the best tyre for Activa, the CEAT Milaze stands out as the ideal choice. Infused with advanced technology,  this tyre is admired for its outstanding results on the road, especially in the scooter segment.  Plus, it is loaded with other features,which makes it the best tyre for Activa.

  • How does CEAT Milaze improve the performance of Honda Activa 3G?

    For a vehicle like Honda Activa 3G, the secret of its exceptional performance lies in the design and technology of CEAT Milaze. This tyre has an increased groove depth with connected blocks that ensure a longer tyre life. The continuous center grooves in the tyre are the key performance drivers as they help the riders handle the bike confidently.

    As the CEAT Milaze scooter tyres are durable and strong, the Honda Activa 3G can tackle the roughest of urban and semi-urban roads with ease. Besides being tough, this tyre can get a good grip on wet surfaces, owing to CEAT’s remarkable engineering.        

    Other than its durability and great performance on wet roads, the CEAT Milaze also guarantees exceptional handling, grip, and control.

  • A quick look at the Activa 3G tubeless tyre price:

    CEAT is renowned for its top-class yet affordable tyres. The Activa tyre price for the Milaze pattern is quite reasonable compared to other tyres in the segment.

    To buy or find the prices of the CEAT Milaze scooter tyres for the Activa, visit this link, or head to the CEAT Shoppe stores and make the most of the ongoing CEAT tyre offers. Let the G in your Activa 3G stand for Great durability and safety on wet roads with CEAT Milaze.


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