Everything You Need To Know About Royal Enfield Tyre Size and Price

The powerful engine and excellent performance have been some reasons for the Bullet to be popular among youngsters. Launched decades ago, the bike still stands firm amidst its competitors. The current variations of the motorcycle include - Bullet 350, Bullet 500, Bullet 350 ES, Bullet Trials 350, and Bullet Trials 500.

Choosing the right Bullet tyre is an essential step to ensuring quality performance. The bike has been designed to travel longer distances and requires durable tyres. CEAT has some of the best Royal Enfield Tyre options. Make sure not to use the same brand for front and rear tyres for an enhanced ride.


  • Benefits of CEAT Bullet Tyre
    • The grip is one of the most prominent factors in determining the quality of the tyres. With CEAT tyres, one can expect excellent dry and wet grip.

    • One can easily navigate on both smooth and rough terrains.

    • The tyres provide the proper stability that is required at high speeds.

    • A person can take sharper curves and bends.

    One can choose between tubeless and tube bike tyres. The Royal Enfield Tyre Price and size will vary depending on the model. The CEAT MILAZE is among the popular choices. Check out the Bullet tyre price at the nearest dealer or online for faster results.


  • Why Choosing the Right Tyre is Essential?

    Choosing the right tyres is the most crucial step toward preventing motor accidents. Tyres happen to be the only component of the vehicle that is in touch with the surface. It is accountable for providing power to the motor and shock absorption from the surface. Therefore, it is not only essential to maintain them but also to choose the right ones.

    Choosing reputed brands like CEAT is far better than going for unknown brands. The two types of tyres available are radial and bias. There is not much difference, but it slightly impacts braking and handling. Here are certain considerations to keep in mind while choosing a tyre.

    • Remember, every tyre is manufactured for a specific purpose. Every tyre does not suit every motorcycle. It is essential to see that the chosen tyre matches the style and design of the bike. Ones with large knobby treads are usually great for off-road rides. Dual-purpose tyres work great for mud surfaces. If the plan is to drive the bike only on city roads, one with less aggressive tread patterns offers a great ride, thanks to superior grip.

    • One should be aware of how to inspect a tyre. And checking the treads is one of the most significant aspects of the inspection. Treads have the primary role in providing the correct grip. Its wear and tear depends on the usage of the bike. Most tyres have indicators that signal when it's time to change them. Some people insert a coin between the treads to determine if they need to be changed.

  • Final Thoughts

    As mentioned earlier, treads are essential to decide whether it is time for a replacement or not. However, there are other factors too. The tyre's age has a considerable say regarding the vehicle's safety. So, if there has been a tyre for more than five years, changing it soon sounds like a safe decision. Do not forget to cross-check the manufacturing date before finalizing. Do check the air pressure and tread quality regularly.

    CEAT has some of the best options available for the Bullet. So, choose the one according to the prefered variant and GET SET GO.


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