How To Select The Right Tyre For The Bullet?


The Royal Enfield Bullet is the only motorcycle with a legendary status beyond its brand. The Standard Bullet is still the most widely purchased Royal Enfield, although the manufacturer has introduced several new and sophisticated models. The motorcycle is just as popular in the used vehicle market.

Royal Enfield makes seven petrol-powered bikes. One of the best cruiser bikes in India is the Royal Enfield Bullet 350. Moreover, the business plans to introduce several forthcoming motorbikes, including the Hunter 350, Super Meteor 650, and Shotgun 650.

The price for Royal Enfield motorcycles ranges from Rs. 1.47 lakh for the Bullet 350 to Rs. 3.31 lakh for the Continental GT 650.

A 346-cc single-cylinder unit construction engine (UCE) using twin spark technology powers the Bullet. When connected to a 5-speed gearbox, the motor is calibrated to produce a maximum torque of 28 Nm and 19.1 horsepower. Fuel injection, disc brakes, and ABS are additional characteristics of the recent modern Bullet bikes. Additionally, the bike has tremendous pulling power. As a result, the Bullet can easily navigate a variety of terrains. After all, its been among the bikes travellers use most to navigate the offbeat Indian landscape.

Choose a Royal Enfield bike at any city's dealer showrooms to learn all the facts, such as the most recent price and bike offers. There is no disputing that the Bullet has a strong road presence. The hand-painted gold pinstripes on the motorcycle's distinctive black metal still look magnificent, preserving Royal Enfield's vintage appearance. The distinct sound of a Bullet engine and stock exhaust will get attention if looks don't.

  • Choosing the right tyre

    Tyres are essential components of a motorbike that make it possible to mount the bike without assistance and run smoothly on different terrains. It helps to have proper tyres for maximum effectiveness, performance, and comfort while riding a Bullet.

    Here are a few ways to choose the correct tyre for the legendry bike:


    Bullet tyre tread patterns

    Treads on bike tyres play a critical role in a bike's overall performance. There are three kinds of tread patterns used in tyres:

    Conventional Pattern Treads – have treads running in both directions, making it easy for the vehicle to move through waterlogged areas.

    Uni-Directional Trades – are suitable for vehicles that move in one direction, ideal for bikes, as they do not have a reverse gear.

    Asymmetric Pattern Treads – are generally suited for high-velocity travel.

    Tubeless or specific tubes: Tubeless bike tyres are rising in popularity, notably in touring and mountain bikes. It gives rest to the misconceptions about tubeless tyres being non-compatible with bikes or working well only with alloy wheels. Thus a bullet can function equally well with tubeless tyres. Consult a specialist for guidance and select the ideal tyre for the Bullet.

  • Product used in the making

    The type of tyre used in manufacturing the Bullet plays a crucial role in the overall performance derived from the vehicle. The rubber quality used in its tyre is responsible for traction and lifespan. Therefore, a tyre manufactured with good quality rubber maximises performance, bike and tyre shelf life and supports a rider's comfort. For the same reason, buying Bullet tyres from a reputed manufacturer is always wise.

    Keep the above-listed factors in mind while choosing Bullet tyres. Also, keep an eye on the correct Bullet tyre size as per model, and reach out to experts for advice.

  • Final Thoughts

    Royal Enfield tyre prices are available with leading tyre manufacturers and dealers. The prices may vary depending on location, applicable taxes and discounts, and the dealers from where the tyres are purchased. However, check Bullet tyre prices and suitability at the nearest CEAT Shoppe, or buy Bullet tyres online.


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