A Complete Guide to Classic 350 Tyre Pressure, Size and Recommended Patterns For Newbies

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is a charming bike. Its cool and retro design, urban-friendly torque, and easy mechanicals have made it a cult bike. Being the daily choice of commute for riders across all age groups, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 has become one of the most sought after motorcycles for long-distance trips. However, it is important you maintain the correct Classic 350 tyre pressure for both front and rear ends, as recommended by Royal Enfield, for maintaining optimal ride-quality. Maintaining correct pressure enables a safe riding experience and achieving the maximum possible fuel economy.

  • Royal Enfield Classic 350 Tyre Size

    Royal Enfield Classic 350 is a mass-market motorcycle with distinctive sizes for front and rear wheels. The Classic 350 features a 90/90-19 sized front tyre and 110/90-18 sized rear tyre.

    Royal Enfield Classic 350 Tyre Pressure – Front

    Royal Enfield recommends a Classic 350 tyre pressure of 22 PSI for the front 90/90-19 tyre while riding solo or with a pillion. 

    Following are the best front tyre options for optimal Classic 350 tyre pressure:

    CEAT Zoom Plus F – The Zoom Plus F is available as a tube-type tyre that ensures excellent grip on both wet and dry roads. The tyre is designed with a continuous centre groove to assure perfect balance between agile handling and comfortable ride quality. Its wide tread arc radius and continuous grooves help the rider in handling this mean machine from RE. For more details on this tyre click here:

    CEAT Gripp XL F – Gripp XL F is an ideal Classic 350 tyre for superior grip and stable riding on all terrains. The tyre promises enhanced traction levels with its uniform and angular tread block pattern. It ensures the right amount of grip on wet surfaces with its optimized blocks. The Gripp XL F is available in both tube-type and tubeless layouts. For more details on this tyre click here:

    Royal Enfield Classic 350 Tyre Pressure – Rear

    Royal Enfield recommends Classic 350 tyre pressure of 32 PSI for the rear tyre while riding solo, and 35 PSI while riding with a pillion.

    Here are the two tyre options which are compatible with these pressure levels:

    CEAT Zoom Plus – The 110/90-18 tube-type Zoom Plus is different from the front tyre of the same name when it comes to size and tread design. The tyre has a wider contact patch and continuous grooves from the tread to shoulders, which help in attaining superior grip and easy handling at higher speeds. For more details on this tyre click here:

    CEAT Gripp XL – The Gripp XL is known to be one of the most reliable tyres for many RE bike models in the country. A favourite among adventure enthusiasts, it features blocks placed in an angular manner for ideal grip on any surface. The unique pattern assures quick water dispersal when conditions are challenging. The Gripp XL tyre is available in tubeless and tube-type arrangement.  For more details on this tyre click here:

    Buy Royal Enfield Classic 350 tyre

    If you are looking to change your worn out Royal Enfield Classic 350 tyres with new ones, the above mentioned tyres can be brought online from https://www.ceat.com/bike-tyres.html in a hassle free way. Alternatively, you can also purchase them from physical CEAT Shoppe stores or nearby tyre shop.


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