Are You Going On A Long Road Trip On Your Bike? Keep These Things In Mind.

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A road trip is an exciting adventure. More so when it’s on your two-wheeled stallion. Equipped with the backpack and all your biking gear, you are raring to go full throttle and advance on the free roads, to explore, experience and live it up. But hang on. Before hitting the road, did you ensure that your bike is in the optimal driving condition? Has it been looked after well, so you don’t face any issues during your journey? It’s time you did, if not.
  • To begin with, your bike is your only companion on the trip. You should get to know it first. So how well do you know your 2-wheeler companion?

    First, to understand your companion, you must be aware of its features, working, and capabilities. This will save you from any unpleasant surprises later.

    If the motorcycle is relatively new to you, it's recommended that you get used to how it works and learn its quirks. It's not a good idea to familiarize yourself with your bike during the trip. You may face issues that you are not equipped to deal with, in an unfamiliar environment. So spend ample time breaking into the bike's rhythm to have a trouble-free trip, before you start out!

  • Keep your bike fresh and ready to roll.

    A road trip means covering long distances nonstop. So, your bike needs to be in top condition well before you begin your journey. We recommend that you get your motorcycle serviced a few days before your trip so that you can test it yourself. And take care of any loose ends you may come across. This will ensure that your adventure is hassle-free.

  • Discuss the Route with your bike servicing guy

    It's also a good idea to discuss your route of choice with your mechanic. He may be able to help you figure out any changes your bike requires specifically for this trip if he's aware of the said route. 

  • Pay special attention to the condition of your bike tyre.

    Your bike tyre largely contributes to the success of your road trip. So what do you need to do to make sure that your two-wheeler tyre is ready to roll? First, determine its current state. Is it worn out? Does it have any cuts or bulges? Buy the replacement for the bike tyre online immediately if you believe it's your only option left. Or let a professional guide you. Just key in “bike tyre shop near me” and pick the one with the best reviews!

    Before the trip, cross-check the tyre pressure with the recommended level. Make sure to maintain it during your trip as well. Besides carrying an air pressure gauge and compressor, try to opt for a standard route if this is your first long road trip. The lesser the risk involved, the easier your road trip will be.

  • Carry essential spare parts.

    Every rider keeps a toolkit handy, especially when a road trip is concerned. But make sure that you also carry necessary spare parts. You never know when you might need to make simple repairs yourself. Here's a simple list to give you an idea:

    ●        spark plug,

    ●        clutch cable,

    ●        accelerator wire,

    ●        air filter

    ●        chain link.

    Besides these extras, you can also ask your mechanic what else you might need. A spare set of tyre tubes and a pump should also be on the list of additional items to carry.

  • Invest in safety gear.

    A road trip on a bike directly exposes you to the elements such as dust particles, humidity, roadside debris. So you will need more than just your helmet to be safe during your trip. Invest in proper riding gear so you can have a comfortable journey in style.

  • Pack your luggage efficiently.

    A long trip generally results in overnight stay. Otherwise, what's the point, right? Plus, an overnight stay will give you and your bike the rest you need to start fresh and early the next day. So it's essential to pack light and smart.

    ●        Carry a pair of clothes (+a spare),

    ●        travel-sized toiletries,

    ●        a mini first-aid kit.

    Pack it all in a saddlebag instead of a backpack. A backpack might cause extra strain on your back and consequently affect your riding ability.

  • Pre-plan your stops.

    An alert rider is a smart rider. To enjoy your journey, take frequent pit stops at regular intervals or you will tire yourself out. Don't wait till you start feeling exhausted to make a stop. For instance, stop and freshen up after every 100 kilometers, or after every 1.5-2 hours of continuous riding. You don't necessarily need to stop at a food joint or a scenic location. As long as it's a safe and designated resting area, stretch your legs and rest before going on. 

  • Ride safely.

    Your safety lies in your hands. But, motorcyclists are generally more vulnerable to accidents as compared to car users. While we know that you follow all the traffic rules, navigating a road trip is no cakewalk. So, prepare yourself by practicing sudden braking & upgrading your bike handling skills.

    Don't ride at night, though. It doesn't matter if you are just starting out, or if you're a pro at road-tripping. Safe riding is always the first priority!

  • A road trip is not just an adventure but also a learning experience. But these simple pieces of advice can help you have fun! So don't forget to enjoy your long road trip!


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