Can I Change Tyres To Bigger Size In Royal Enfield Himalayan?

The Royal Enfield Himalayan has become the most popular and highest selling adventure tourer in the country, owing to its affordable price. The lean and tall stance of the Himalayan goes well with a torquey engine and rugged mechanical components, which give it a raw character that people usually associate with an adventure tourer. Of all its mechanical parts, the off-road spec tyres for the Royal Enfield tyre size recommended for the Himalayan play a crucial role in making it a go-anywhere motorcycle.

 This component is not available in any other motorcycle in India. However, many riders wish to gain more traction and increase the visual appeal of the Himalayan by upsizing its tyres. Take a look at all the aspects of upsizing the Royal Enfield tyre size of Himalayan and the price of upsizing the Royal Enfield tyre upsize.

  • Why Is The Upsizing Of Tyres For Royal Enfield Himalayan Not A Great Idea?

    Royal Enfield tyre size for Himalayan rated at 90/90-21 is for the front tyre and 120/70-17 for the rear tyre. The motorcycle comes equipped with spoke wheels and CEAT Gripp XL tube-type on and off-road layout tyres as standard OE fitted.

    Currently, there are no Royal Enfield tyre upsize options for the front tyre size of the Himalayan. For the rear, 

    Keeping these factors in mind, we would highly recommend sticking with the stock Royal Enfield tyre size for the Himalayan, which has been tried and tested in all kinds of conditions. CEAT currently offers a couple of tube-tyre options for the Himalayan. Check out the features, advantages, and prices for the Royal Enfield Himalayan tyre options here.

    The Best Tyre Options For Royal Enfield Himalayan

    For the front and rear Royal Enfield tyre size of Himalayan, CEAT offers Gripp XL F and Gripp XL, which suits the ruggedness and durability of the Himalayan perfectly. For more details on Gripp XL, click here.

    CEAT Gripp XL features angular tread blocks, which are large enough to increase the traction between the tyres and dry or wet surfaces. This enhanced traction gives increased levels of grip, which enables the tyre with a go-anywhere ability. Moreover, the integration of unique compound and modern tread pattern allows even wear of the tyre resulting in longer tyre and tread life. 

    For additional grip, while riding on loose surfaces like slush and sand, the tread blocks of the Gripp XL tyres have sizable passages between them. These passages also make way for a uniform arrangement for tread blocks, which allow better mass transfer for increased stability on usual roads. With this, the Gripp XL tyre shows equal competence for both smooth and off-road terrains, thus, adding up to the versatility of the Royal Enfield Himalayan as an all-rounder.


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