CEAT Fleet Solutions meets your Tyre Maintenance Needs

CEAT Fleet Solutions meets your Tyre Maintenance Needs

India has a vibrant transportation and logistics industry. In this industry, superior vehicle utilization, high-quality vehicle maintenance and route optimization play a key role in ensuring seamless goods movement for customers and long-term sustenance of the business for the transporter.


Inside a vehicle, tyres are a critical part to ensure the safe and secure running of vehicles. Still, the industry has been grappling with several issues like low visibility to tyre life, higher downtime, enroot problems, theft, and failures.


To ensure peace of mind for you, CEAT has launched the Fleet Solutions program, an exclusive offering to care for your tyre needs.

CEAT Fleet Solutions meets your specific needs for tyre maintenance and enables you to optimize your Cost-per-Kilometre (CPKM). CEAT’s Fleet Solutions program delivers a great tyre management experience for, you from data-based decision-making to deploying best-in-class tyre maintenance practices.

CEAT offers 3 types of solutions for Commercial Vehicle fleets:

o   Tyre Management Outsourcing – Provide tyre maintenance advisory for your fleet

o   Efficient Tyre Management Advisory – Provide CPKM guarantee for your tyres while ensuring maintenance advisory.

o   Pay Per Use – Providing tyre-as-a-service to you, handling your entire tyre maintenance operations


To know more, please write to fleet.solutions@ceat.com

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