CEAT Gripp XL, The Perfect Companion For Your Royal Enfield Himalayan

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Off-roading to explore the wild terrains is a thrill which no adrenaline junkie can resist. And this adventure becomes even more thrilling when you go off-roading on a beast of a bike like the Royal Enfield Himalayan. The RE Himalayan is made to explore the unexplored. Little wonder then that its thrill-chasing owners are often found biking in the Himalayan motorcycle tours.
  • The sturdy construction of the Royal Enfield Himalayan gives the tough terrains a run for their money. It can tackle the most stubborn of roads with ease. So one must applaud the engineers of the RE Himalayan for turning fantasy into reality!

    The bike needs the right set of the best off-road tyres to make every Royal Enfield trip equally memorable. And when it comes to choosing the right Royal Enfield tyre for your Himalayan, you need something that compliments the bike and can match it with its exceptional off-roading standards. The CEAT Gripp XL justifies its place as a perfect, off-roading tyre for Royal Enfield Himalayan wheels.        

    Now, before we find out why the Gripp XL is the most suitable off-roading tyre for the RE Himalayan, let's get familiar with its front and rear tyre sizes.        

  • What are the tyre sizes of Royal Enfield Himalayan?

    Royal Enfield Himalayan comeswith broader tyres that create a larger contact patch with the ground, thus improving the traction.

    The front tyre of Royal Enfield Himalayan measures 90/90-21, while its rear tyre size is 120/90-17. 

  • Now that you know the factory-fitted tyre size of the adventure bike, what makes the CEAT Gripp XL a great off-roading companion for Royal Enfield Himalayan?

    ●        Well, for starters, CEAT tyres are factory fitted to every Royal Enfield Himalayan model in India.

    ●        The CEAT Gripp XL is specially designed to run on all kinds of roads and terrains. This tyre comes with wide grooves and uniform block arrangement on its tread area. This provides a superior grip on both wet and dry surfaces. Plus, its directional block pattern helps in gaining a better grip on surfaces.

    ●        This tyre primarily allows bikers to run in full control, both on and off the road. And it is what a bike like the Royal Enfield Himalayan needs.

    ●        The CEAT Gripp XL's angular block pattern, along with deeper grooves, reduces the chances of sliding or skidding. This is another excellent characteristic of an off-road tyre.

    ●        It has an optimized distance between the tyre blocks, and even its groove width is higher. This leads to better water channeling.

    ●        The DNA of this tubeless tyre is rooted in a specially formulated high grip compound that gives it enough capability to stay glued even on the roughest terrains. 

  • The Royal Enfield Himalayan is 'Built For All Roads' and, at the same time, 'Built For No Roads.' The CEAT Gripp XL provides the RE Himalayan full support and is ideal for off-roading enthusiasts and wilderness seekers. 

  • So, if you're looking for an off-roading tyre that does its duty for the RE Himalayan, the CEAT Gripp XL is the right choice. Visit CEAT's online tyre store to learn more about this Royal Enfield tyre price and buy the Gripp XL tyre!


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