Choosing The Right Tyre For Splendor Bike

The Hero Splendor has become synonymous with impeccable performance and dependability over its many decades in the market. The commuter's favourite companion provides its owners with an absolute peace of mind in the following areas: 

  • High fuel mileage

  • Low maintenance cost

  • Handsome resale value 

In addition, over the years, the Splendor tyre has provided flexible handling and premium ride quality for its riders.

But, when the time for tyre replacement rolls in, many owners find themselves in a fix. The majority of them are unaware of the right Splendor tyre size. Yet others are confused about choosing the best tyre for Splendor bike. This indecisiveness aside, every owner desires a sturdy tyre that can go the extra mile without cutting on comfort and grip.

The Hero Splendor is currently available in many variants, including Splendor, Splendor Plus, and Splendor iSmart. This Splendor tyre size guide will educate you on the following - 

  • Splendor front tyre size 

  • Splendor back tyre size 

  • Trustworthy Splendor tyres offered by CEAT

Hero Splendor Tyre

The tyres for Splendor (standard variant) come with 18-inch rim-size tyres, as do the Plus and iSmart Splendor models. The original Hero Splendor motorcycles are available in tube-type tyres. At the same time, the Splendor Plus and Splendor iSmart come fitted with tubeless tyres. Moreover, each Splendor tyre comes shod with alloy wheels for maximum sturdiness.   

Hero Splendor Tyre Size

  • Hero Splendor: 2.75-18 (Front and rear) 

  • Hero Splendor Plus/Splendor iSmart: 80/100-18 (Front and rear) 

Best Hero Splendor tyres available from CEAT 

When it comes to tyres, the highest selling motorcycle in the country, Hero Splendor commands a sturdy set of wheels, high on grip and durable. And CEAT offers just that.

For the Splendor front tyre size of 2.75-18, opt for the reliable CEAT Secura Zoom F. 

  • The CEAT Secura Zoom F features a rounded profile and offers optimal directional stability in city road settings. 

If you are looking for firmer surface grip more, pick CEAT Gripp X3 F.

  • The unique block pattern of CEAT Gripp X3 F allows frim rides on wet and dry surfaces.

For the Plus and iSmart models of the Splendor family with the 80/100-18 front tyre size, choose CEAT Secura Zoom F. 

  • The tyre offers exceptional control at high speeds, and its unique tread design with large grooves allows better traction.

A reliable Splendor back tyre is available in the form of CEAT Gripp X3. 

  • The CEAT tyre with a dual-compound tread layer offers high tread life and lifelong stability. 

  • Additionally, the extensive interconnected tread blocks guarantee wobble-free ride quality even on rough roads.

You're now aware of what rolls best with your Splendor. So if you're looking for new Splendor tyres, click here to buy them online. Need more info about Splendor tyres? Click here. Happy shopping!


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