Factors That Cause Tyre Puncture

A tyre puncture is an unpleasant experience which no one wants to experience while riding a motorcycle. Here, we will look at all the possible causes that result in a tyre puncture and a plausible solution to reduce this hassle.

  • Factors Causing Tyre Puncture
    • Sharp objects on the roads

      While riding, the tyres might get damaged due to sharp objects, like pieces of glass, nails, screws or sharp stones. These objects can pierce into the tyre through its tread patch, which is in contact with the surface.

    • Worn-out tread patch

      If you use the tyre beyond its life span or its tread patch has worn beyond the recommended level, it becomes more prone to punctures. In addition, due to minute hidden cracks, the tyre might suffer from continuous loss of air.
    • Damaged valve stem

      Both tube-type and tubeless tyres come fitted with a valve stem somewhere on their inner circumference, from where you fill the air in the tyre. If that valve stem is damaged, in the form of possible corrosion, blockage or breakage, the air retention ability of the tyre reduces.

    • Over-inflation of tyres

      On inflating the tyre beyond the pressure levels recommended by the tyre-maker or motorcycle maker, the possibility of the bursting of the tyre increases due to continuous ride. It damages the tyre with a permanent bike tyre puncture and can also be fatal, as it can lead to imbalance while riding.

    • Air Leakage from tyre bead

      There are chances that the air inside the tyre might leak out from the tyre bead, i.e., the side of the tyre resting along the circumference of the wheel. It usually happens due to improper fitment of the tyre on the wheel.

    • Breakage or bending of wheel

      If you hit a big, deep pothole or meet with a collision or accident while riding, the alloy wheel or the steel wheel may suffer a crack or bend from the area around the tyre bead. Because of this, the air might start leaking out of the tyre. Such an instance can lead to a possible tyre puncture.

    Can A Bike Tyre Puncture Be Avoided Entirely?

    While the after-effects of a tyre puncture hole are inevitable, there are ways to eliminate minor tyre punctures. The perfect solution which serves this possibility is the range of puncture-safe tubeless bike tyres from CEAT.

    CEAT puncture safe tubeless tyres consist of a unique in-house formulated sealant. If a nail or screw smaller than 2.5mm in size punctures a tyre, the sealant fills up the puncture hole as soon as that particle is plucked out of the tyre without any air leakage from the tyre. Thereby providing a hassle free ride without any stoppage. 

    The puncture-safe bike tyres reduce the unnecessary hassle and time required to find the nearest puncture repair shop and get the bike tyre puncture repaired. However, in more serious cases of a tyre puncture, one still might need to visit the puncture repair shop. The puncture safe tyres are made available for all leading motorcycles in India. You can check out your bike’s puncture safe tyre here.


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