How The Best Tyre For Hero Glamour Can Enhance Its Performance?

An all-rounder commuter bike - the Hero Glamour - is widely preferred in India for its versatility. And to traverse smoothly over city potholes, you need a trustworthy set of tyres. So let’s unearth the attributes that qualify for the best tyre for Hero Glamour and what all options suit those requirements.

  • Hero Glamour Bike Tyre Size

    First, know about the tyre size. Hero Glamour receives 2.75-18 tyre size at the front and 3.00-18 tyre at the back. The two tyres feature tubeless arrangement and possess robust bias-ply construction for long life. You can check several tyre options available for both these sizes along with Hero Glamour tyre price.

    What Aspects Are Required To Be The Best Tyre For Hero Glamour?

    Hero Glamour is a premium commuter bike used primarily for daily commutes from point A to point B. And with its premium appeal over entry-level commuter bikes, it adds a dash of style and confidence to the rider. To bear day-to-day abuse of the uncertain city roads and stop and go traffic, you need a durable tyre that grips better in every tarmac condition and offers balanced riding dynamics. Citing the challenging environment the bike tackles, CEAT offers a wide range of tyres, all of which put themselves up as the best tyre for Hero Glamour in their own way.

    Options For Hero Glamour Tyres

    CEAT Secura Zoom F (Tube Type – Front)

    The tyre with directional tread pattern offers an enhanced balance of riding and handling, particularly on wet surfaces. The continuous centre rib and extended groove of the tyre increase traction and improve ride quality. Likewise, the groovy tread evacuates water swiftly to prevent any skid instance. For more details, check here.

    CEAT Secura F85 (Tube Type/Tubeless – Front)

    Another front tyre choice that offers balanced traction on wet and dry surfaces, courtesy of its featured cuts on intermediate ribs. In addition, the highly durable tyre structure is endowed with a continuous centre rib at the tread for easier rolling and minimal friction on uneven roads. For more details, check here.

    CEAT Gripp X3 (Tubeless – Rear)

    The CEAT Gripp X3 duo is infused with double-layer compound technology for maximum life and safe grip till the tyre wear out. The rear tyre gets angular block pattern to ensure smooth ride irrespective of surface condition. The CEAT Gripp X3 tyre is made available for the rear tyre fitment.

    CEAT Milaze (Tube Type/Tubeless – Rear)

    For long term durability and zero upkeep, the CEAT Milaze tyre is one option you should consider as the best tyre for Hero Glamour. The additional rubber in the tread area, interlocked blocks, etc., help the Milaze last exceptionally long, thanks to the modern tread block design. The CEAT Milaze is available in both tube-type and tubeless layouts.


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