Looking For A Puncture-Safe Tyre For Royal Enfield?

Anytime the word "cruiser" is mentioned, the mind instantly makes way for the cult-favorite Royal Enfield. The shapely tank, roomy seat, apt ergonomics, and the silencer's instantly recognizable din are all iconic. But let us turn our attention to an equally essential element of the bike - the Royal Enfield tyres. A cruiser motorcycle made to travel hundreds of kilometers in one go commands only the best Royal Enfield tyre.

Let's learn more about the Royal Enfield tyres and CEAT's recommendations for maximum performance. 

Royal Enfield tyres

Every Royal Enfield tyre complements the bike perfectly. For instance, a tyre for Royal Enfield Classic 350 calls for sturdiness plus comfort. But your bike also requires a shield against frequent punctures, given that Royal Enfields cover long tours and city commutes. So, the stability and performance of the tyre should sufficiently withstand the diverse road and climate conditions thrown en route.

Your Royal Enfield tyres should have an excellent wet and dry grip to ensure your cruiser holds firmly onto the skiddy hilly terrains and hairpin bends. In addition to maneuvering city traffic. A puncture at the wrong juncture could throw a wrench in the gears. So it would help if you had tyres that are not prone to punctures and can sustain rough and tough challenges without losing breath.

CEAT Gripp XL - The next best thing to a puncture-safe Royal Enfield tyre

CEAT manufactures long-lasting, high traction tyres that offer stability and are less prone to punctures considering the demanding tourer segment. So the closest you'll come to a puncture-safe tyre for Royal Enfield - it's the CEAT Gripp XL. Let's find out why.

  • This Royal Enfield Thunderbird tyre offered by CEAT, the CEAT Gripp XL, is a perfect fit. It meets the challenges faced by the cruiser head-on as it provides stable rides at high speeds and enhanced traction.

  • Since these tyres are custom-made for touring bikes, they have a high-strength load-carrying capacity courtesy of their stiff sidewall.

  • These rubbers provide superior grip on all terrains, especially on wet surfaces. In addition, the all-terrain CEAT Gripp XL comes with a unique tread pattern which helps in better aquaplaning and, thus, improved braking capability on wet surfaces.

Not restricted to being a Royal Enfield Thunderbird tyre, the Gripp XL is also the recommended tyre for Royal Enfield Classic 350. The CEAT Gripp XL fits both the front as well as the rear. Its reliability and compatibility with most REs make it one of the best Royal Enfield tyres among adventure enthusiasts.

Buying Royal Enfield Tyre Online

Depending on the RE motorcycle you own, you can specify the right tyre size for your bike. So whether you are looking for a tyre for Royal Enfield Classic 350 or a Bullet tyre online, you can log on to the CEAT website. 

Usually, the patterns and tyres are different for the front and the rear wheels. But, the dual purpose Gripp XL from CEAT offers the same pattern for both ends, ensuring better traction.


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