Myths & Facts On Hero Glamour Tyre Maintenance

While purchasing or maintaining tyres for Hero Glamour might not be something you will be doing daily, there are some pointers that you should keep in mind to make them run trouble-free and economical in the long run. There are some common myths related to tube-type and tubeless tyres of the Glamour. Read on to clarify the myths about the Hero Glamour tyre:

  • Myth 1

    Replace the tyres whenever your tyre mechanic tells you to do so.


    Your tyre mechanic might force you to swap your existing tyres even if there is still some tread left in them to earn some extra money. Rather than trusting him blindly, it is advisable to look at the tread wear indicator (TWI) in the Hero Glamour tyre. If your tread reaches the TWI level, then it is better to replace the tyre with a new one.

    Myth 2

    Upsizing to bigger tyres will improve performance.


    Hero Glamour front tyre stands at 2.75-18 and the rear one measures 3.00-18. You might feel the urge to upsize these tyres with wider profile ones. However, Hero Glamour recommends you to stick to these tyre sizes, as they are best suited for an optimal balance of ride quality, handling and fuel efficiency. Upsizing to a wider tyre might increase grip levels at times, but it will hamper the riding dynamics and fuel economy at the same time.

    Myth 3

    A tyre is more expensive to buy online when compared to buying from offline stores.


    CEAT offers a wide range of Hero Glamour tyre options in its portfolio similar to those available in the offline CEAT Shoppe and authorized tyre dealers. The costs of these tyres are same as they are in offline stores. In addition, buying the tyres online offers you the convenience of getting the tyres delivered to your doorstep without hassle. You can check out the wide range of Hero Glamour tyre options here.

    Myth 4

    A tubeless Hero Glamour tyre can run trouble-free even after getting punctures.


    Not every tubeless Hero Glamour tyre offers this level of convenience. While the standard tubeless tyres do not deflate immediately after a puncture, they will require repairing the puncture hole at any tyre repair shop. If you do not get the puncture repaired soon, it will deteriorate the tyre condition. However, you can select CEAT Puncture safe tyres, which come with a special sealant in them. It seals small puncture holes measuring up to 2.5mm in diameter on the spot. Hence, there is no waste of time searching for tyre repair shops.

    Myth 5

    A tubeless Hero Glamour tyre is very expensive over a tube-type tyre.


    No. And in some cases, it is even the opposite, like in the CEAT Secura F85 tyre. It is a Hero Glamour front tyre available in tube-type and tubeless versions. The tubeless Secura F85 costs less than the tube-type Secura F85. While a tubeless tyre might be pricier than a tube-type tyre in some cases, the price difference in that case too will only be marginal.

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