No More Visits to Bike Puncture Repair Shops with CEAT Puncture Safe Tyres

If you are someone who hates the head-scratching experience of a tyre puncture (well, everybody hates that!), you should pay attention to CEAT puncture safe tyres. Till now, we had offered tube-type tyres and tubeless tyres, both requiring visits to tyre repair shops in case of any problem.

However, CEAT’s range of new generation puncture safe tyres ensures that you never have to visit any tyre repair shop to fix a bike tyre puncture. The new range of tubeless bike tyres from CEAT introduces several new innovations. Let’s talk about them in detail.

  • How CEAT Puncture Safe Tyres Are Different From Regular Tubeless Tyres?

    The new range of puncture-safe tubeless bike tyres from CEAT further developed the existing tubeless tyre patterns. The tyre pattern aesthetics remain the same, however,  the difference lies in the use of a special formula. The puncture-safe tyres prevent bike punctures with the help of a unique in-house developed sealant and thereby, avoiding a visit to the bike puncture repair shop.

    All puncture-safe tyres from CEAT feature a specially developed sealant in their composition. This special formula plugs small holes caused by bike tyre punctures on the go. It avoids rapid loss of air,  avoiding a visit to the tyre repair shop to fix the bike puncture tyres.

    Maintenance Of  Puncture Safe Tubeless Bike Tyres

    The puncture-safe tyres from CEAT are designed to self-repair small puncture holes upto 2.5mm in diameter on tread area only. If it is more than the given dimension, worry not, they will still offer benefits of a tubeless tyre and prevent abrupt loss of air like other conventional tube-type tyres.

    Like every other tyre, puncture-safe tyres from CEAT also require periodic air pressure checks. The air pressure in these tyres should be maintained as recommended by the motorcycle manufacturer.

    Where Can You Buy CEAT’s Puncture Safe Tubeless Tyres?

    CEAT offers a wide range of puncture safe tubeless bike tyres for motorcycles. Based on the existing tubeless tyres from CEAT, these puncture-safe tyres offer additional benefits at a slightly extra premium. However, this premium keeps you away from the hassle of visits to bike puncture repair shops.

    Apart from the authorized CEAT Shoppes, the entire range of puncture-safe tubeless bike tyres from CEAT is available here, along with details like design, specifications and prices on display.  You can buy any tyre pattern you require and enjoy a hassle-free biking experience.


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