The Best Places to buy Best Yamaha FZ Front Tyre

When Yamaha FZ first broke onto the scene in 2008, it completely transformed the 150cc segment with its international-spec styling and premium features. This scaled-down version of the litre-class FZ1 immediately caught the fancy of buyers who wanted a pocket-friendly motorcycle with a premium and global appeal. 

The credit for Yamaha FZ’s immense popularity also goes to its tyres, which were almost unheard of in the 150-200cc motorcycles category. The rear tyre of FZ was the first-in-industry radial tyre for 150cc motorcycles, while FZ front tyre too was the widest in its category. It continues to be the widest front tyre in the 150cc motorcycle segment.

  • Yamaha FZ Front Tyre and Rear Tyre – Sources of Availability

    CEAT offers two options for tubeless FZ front tyre and one rear choice, which are made available online as well as offline. To buy online, you can log on to the or walk into any local tyre store near you. 

    If you visit the website, you can filter out the best front tyre available for Yamaha FZ at by inserting important details, like the bike make and model, variant, and preferred tyre option. You can also purchase the tyre offline at your nearest CEAT Shoppe.

    Yamaha FZ Front Tyre

    There are two tyre choices available for Yamaha FZ from CEAT. These are CEAT Zoom Plus F – Standard and Puncture Safe. These tyres are compatible with the FZ front tyre of size 100/80-17.

    CEAT Zoom Plus F 

    The Zoom Plus F tyre is an affordable and sturdy FZ front tyre option. Its contact patch is the widest among front tyres of all 150cc motorcycles. It not only makes it visually appealing but also offers excellent grip on both wet and dry surfaces. 

    Zoom Plus F also features a continuous centre groove, which is responsible for providing an excellent balance of ride and handling across all speeds. Apart from offering stability at higher speeds, the tyre lends excellent leaning capabilities to the FZ with its wide tread arc radius. Its continuous grooves from centre to centre eases cornering at higher speeds as well. You can view more details here:

    CEAT Puncture Safe Zoom Plus F 

    The CEAT Zoom Plus F is also available in a ‘puncture safe’ version in the same tyre size. This particular FZ front tyre has an in-house developed special sealant, which self-heals puncture holes smaller than 2.5mm while riding. This trait of the Puncture Safe Zoom Plus F reduces visits to tyre repair shops, in case the tyre is punctured. You can view more details here:

    Yamaha FZ Rear Tyre 

    CEAT Zoom RAD

    The rear tyre of FZ sized 140/60 R17 is offered in a single choice as CEAT Zoom RAD tyre. It is made available with tubeless layout and radial construction. Popular as a high-on-life performance bike tyre for Yamaha FZ, it gets an apt balance of comfort and stability during speedy rides under expressway conditions. The wide contact patch enhances proper control and braking at high speeds. These are meant to be safe upto speed of 210 kmph as there are H rated tyres.

    While the extended grooves provide superior wet grip, courtesy rapid water evacuation beneath contact patch, paving way for brilliant cornering even under wet settings. Its flexy sidewall offers the right amount of comfort for a stress-free, long distance bike riding. You can view more details here:


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