The Best Royal Enfield Bullet Tyres For Monsoon Rides

The monsoons are a refreshing reminder of all things good in life and the bad - like mud, slush, potholes, and leakage from sewerage lines. All these factors extensively challenge your riding skills. In such scenarios, riding a heavy motorcycle like Royal Enfield Bullet isn't the easiest. Your Bullet tyres need better resistance to wet surfaces so that you don't lose control while riding and can face the road with utmost confidence.

The Royal Enfield Bullet Tyre Size

Like the Bullet's thoughtful design and mechanicals, even the tyres of the motorcycle are retro. The robust Bullet tyres are available in the original 19-inch rim size. 

Royal Enfield Bullet tyre size: 3.25-19 (front and rear)

The Royal Enfield bike tyre for the iconic Bullet is thus designed exclusively for the bike in the tube-type layout.

Our Portfolio of Royal Enfield Bullet Tyres

CEAT Secura F67 – Front Tyre

Royal Enfield Bullet tyre size: 3.25-19 

Royal Enfield Bullet tyre rating: 54P


  • The CEAT Secura F67 is one of the most robust yet simple looking Bullet tyres. It is known for its smooth performance in harsh wet conditions and matches the rugged appeal of the RE Bullet.

  • Specifically made for the Bullet, the CEAT Secura F67 features a ribbed tread pattern design. The unique design has continuous parallel centre ribs at the tread. These ribs facilitate excellent aquaplaning in wet conditions and ensure easy rolling of the tyres, crucial for a heavy bike like the Bullet. 

  • The round, strong shoulder profile allows better cornering and stable long-distance tours.

Royal Enfield Bullet tyre price₹1,930 (approx.)

CEAT Secura Sport – Rear Tyre

Royal Enfield Bullet tyre size: 3.25-19 

Royal Enfield Bullet tyre rating: 60P


  • Rated as one of the sportiest Bullet tyres, the Secura Sport is a sturdy and tough tyre. Its innovative block pattern design enables better handling on rough and wet surfaces. 

  • The robust and grippy compound and elevated sidewall height prevent the tyre from skidding on wet and slippery surfaces. 

  • The rugged tube-type rear tyre features adequate load carrying capability for long-distance travel on any surface.

Royal Enfield Bullet tyre price: Rs. 1,970 (approx.)

So, choose safety every monsoon and switch to these tried, tested and trusted tyres for Bullet from CEAT. Both these tube-type Bullet tyres are available online and at a CEAT Shoppe near you.



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