Things To Do To Keep Your Royal Enfield Tyres In Great Condition

Royal Enfield has one of the most versatile lineups of motorcycles. The range comprises bikes for low-speed urban commute, off-road riding, and long-distance cruising. The tyres of the Royal Enfield bikes are also this versatile. To suit varying needs, all the tyre options of different Royal Enfield motorcycles come with a different set of characteristics. 

However, all these tyres require similar care and checks for a long-lasting, trouble-free experience, irrespective of the Royal Enfield tyre size.

  • Steps To Keep Royal Enfield Tyres In Great Condition:

    Following are some of the practices which you should follow to ensure that the tyres of your Royal Enfield motorcycle work efficiently for the longest possible time:

    • Maintain air pressure – The recommended Royal Enfield tyre pressure ratings are 22 PSI front and 32 PSI rear for its 350cc motorcycles, 27 PSI front and 34 PSI for Himalayan, and lastly, 32 PSI front and 36 PSI rear for its 650cc models. It is advisable to check the tyre pressure rating at least once a week, even if you do not use your bike daily.

    • Consistently check for damage signs – At the end of the day, after you finish riding and reach your destination, you should inspect both the tyres. Look for any visible damage to them in the form of cuts, bulges or any object pierced in them. Following this, you will avoid facing any situation of Royal Enfield tyre puncture. 

    • Don’t overload your bike – Like the motorcycles from Royal Enfield, their tyres too are sturdy and durable enough. However, they do come with a predefined load limit when used on motorcycles. Ensure that you don’t cross that weight limit on the motorcycle while you are on the go.

    • Practice safe riding – Excessive braking and accelerating rob off the tyre’s grip due to unnecessary increase in friction between the tyre and the road surface. So, it is advisable to always traverse over bad road patches slowly. 

    Best Tyre Options For Royal Enfield Motorcycles

    Of all the motorcycles, only the Meteor 350 comes with tubeless tyre setup. However, the Royal Enfield tubeless tyre price is almost similar to the other tube-type tyres of its size. Following are all the tyre options available for the Royal Enfield tyre size from CEAT:

    Bullet 350

    • Royal Enfield tyre size - 3.25-19 (front), 3.25-19 (rear), 3.50-19 (rear)

    • Tyre options available - CEAT Secura F67 (front, tube-type), CEAT Milaze (rear, tube-type), CEAT Secura Sport (rear, tube-type)

    Classic 350

    • Royal Enfield tyre size - 90/90-19 (front), 110/90-18 (rear)

    • Tyre options – CEAT Zoom Plus F (front, tube-type), CEAT Gripp XL (rear, tube-type/tubeless)

    Meteor 350


    • Royal Enfield tyre size - 90/90-21 (front), 120/90-17 (rear)

    • Tyre options – CEAT Gripp XL (front, tube-type), CEAT Gripp XL (rear, tube-type)

    Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650

    • Royal Enfield tyre size - 100/90-18 (front), 130/70-18 (rear)

    • Tyre options – CEAT Zoom Cruz (front, tube-type), CEAT Zoom Cruz (rear, tube-type)

    All the aforementioned tyres are available at any local CEAT dealer nearby or at CEAT shop in your town/city. Moreover, you can even purchase them online at:


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