Tube Vs. Tubeless Tyres: Which Is The Best Hero Glamour Tyres?

The design and all the cycle parts under the skin of the Hero Glamour have evolved over the years. The motorcycle debuted with spoke wheels and tube tyres. Now, it is available with alloy wheels and tubeless tyres as standard.

Here, we will highlight the shift from tube-type tyres to tubeless tyres for Hero Glamour and the options for the best Hero Glamour tyres you can buy:

  • How Tubeless Tyres Are Better For Hero Glamour
    • In case of a tyre puncture, the tubeless tyres are better at facing the after-consequences of a tyre puncture in the form of a slow rate of tyre deflation. It gives enough time to the rider to ride the motorcycle to the nearest tyre repair shop, unlike in the case of a tube-type tyre, which deflates immediately after a puncture.

    •  The resistance offered by a tubeless tyre against a tyre puncture is much lower than that of a tube tyre.

    • The use of tubeless tyres offers increased stability and comfort, even while riding at lower speeds. It comes in handy for a low-speed commuter like the Hero Glamour.

    • The tubeless tyres are a better match for the reliability of the Hero Glamour, as they last longer and wear lesser when compared to the tube tyre.

    • Between the two types of tyres, repairing a tyre puncture in a tubeless tyre is an easy process.

    • Particularly in summers, the tubeless tyres offer better heat dissipation during consistent riding.

    • As they are lighter in weight, the tubeless tyres offer better fuel economy than tube tyres. It is something that all the Hero Glamour owners will love, as Glamour is already one of the most fuel-efficient 125cc motorcycles in the country today.

    Why Tubeless Tyres Are The Best Hero Glamour Tyres Over Tube Tyres?

    According to the current trend of the two-wheeler industry in India, a majority of motorcycles are shifting from the more primitive spoke wheels to alloy wheels. There are some motorcycles, particularly adventure tourers and retro roadsters, which continue to use spoke wheels, either to match the purpose or to go with the design theme. For those wheels, tube tyres still make more sense, as the tubeless tyres do not provide enough airtight seal over the anchor points of spokes in the wheel.

    Since Hero Glamour is now available with alloy wheels as standard, the tubeless tyres, with all the advantages they get over the tube tyres, are the best Hero Glamour tyres to go.

    Availability Of Best Hero Glamour Tyres

    CEAT offers a wide range of both tube and tubeless tyres for Hero Glamour, all of which are available here:

    Front tyre for Glamour

    • CEAT Secura Zoom F (tubeless)

    •  CEAT Puncture-safe Gripp F (tubeless)

    • CEAT Secura F85 (tubeless)

    • CEAT Secura F85 (tube type)

    Rear tyre for Glamour

    • CEAT Gripp X3 (tube type)

    • CEAT Milaze (tube-type)

    • CEAT Milaze (tubeless)

    • CEAT Puncture-safe Milaze (tubeless)
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