When orange became the new black!

Bike Tyre

Who said tyres can’t be fun? For those who were a bit ‘tyred’ of the old black ones, we just added a dash of color to their motorbike’s wheels with CEAT’s new uber-cool Zoom RAD Tyres. Did you get a chance to switch to this new trendy look for your tyres and make the best of it?

  • We recently launched the new colorful Zoom RAD tyres on the occasion of Holi, as a limited edition product. These premium radial tyres which come with colored sidewalls added the oomph and vibrancy to the overall appearance of the bike. Three exciting aesthetic choices were on the offer - blue, orange, and a combination of blue orange. These unique bright hues allowed for a vibrant expression of yourself through your most prized possession, your bike.

  • Sturdy, comfortable, and colorful, these Zoom RAD tyres offered the same safety features synonymous with the CEAT brand, but with a new colorful spin added to the standard tyre, in sync with the spirit of Holi. Simplicity is classy, but a little color can add a spark to anything, even to your bike’s tyres. This new set of wheels was packed with the same useful features associated with our black colored tyres.

    We offered our consumers a chance to let these colors seep into their biking experience. People got an opportunity to match the bike’s personality with the tyre's colors. For an enthusiastic zestful look, one could choose the orange sidewalls. Or to add depth to the tyres, one could choose the blue variation of the limited edition product. One had the option to mix it up and jazz up one’s bike’s image with the combination of both orange and blue, a unique take on the color spectrum. Orange was the new black, people. So was blue. Did we mention that these tyres were also compatible with Yamaha FZ, Yamaha Fazer, Suzuki Gixxer, and Suzuki Intruder for a limited time? So hope you got a chance to make the colorful change with the unique Zoom RAD tyres.


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