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KTM Duke has earned a phenomenal stature in the entry-level high-performance motorcycling space. The motorcycle range offers performance and engineering of global standards at an accessible price point. The Duke is well known for its impeccable riding dynamics, which is possible due to its top-class chassis comprising WP-sourced suspension and high grip tubeless and radial KTM Duke tyre options.

  • KTM Duke Tyre Size

    The KTM Duke range consists of four different models – Duke 125, Duke 200, Duke 250, and Duke 390. All these four iterations of the Duke sold in India get similar tyre sizes for the front and rear wheel. For all the versions, the front KTM Duke tyre has a tyre size of 110/70 R17, while the rear tyre has a tyre size rated at 150/60 R17.

    Why You Should Go For CEAT KTM Duke Tyre

    CEAT tyres offer two distinct KTM Duke tyre options – Zoom Rad X1 F for the front tyre and Zoom Rad X1 for the rear tyre. Both tyres differ in their design and sizes and are well suited to match the high-performance and agile handling machine unique to KTM Duke. Both these tyres are tubeless and radial units performing equally well at all speeds. Sighting their durability and performance, they are renowned as the best KTM Duke tyre.

     KTM Duke Tyre Options

    Following are the two KTM Duke tubeless tyre options, which you should go for a more enhanced riding experience:

    ·CEAT Zoom Rad X1 F

    Specially designed for the front tyre of the KTM Duke range, the Zoom Rad X1 F tyres is composed of a high grip compound, which assures superior ride and handling at all speeds. The enhanced grooves of this KTM Duke tyre provide superior traction, thus enhancing the stability around corners. The soft rubber compound of this KTM Duke tyre keeps the motorcycle stable while suddenly braking or bringing it to a halt. You can find more details of the tyre here https://www.ceat.com/bike-tyres/bike-product-listing/product-details/110-70r17-zoom-rad-x1-f-tl-54h.html.

    CEAT Zoom Rad X1

    Compared to the front KTM Duke tyre, the Zoom Rad X1 tyres as the KTM Duke tubeless tyre for the rear wheel offers better performance at high speeds while keeping its other distinct features intact. Thanks to its ‘H’ speed rating, the Zoom Rad X1 is the best KTM Duke tyre when it comes to impeccable control at speeds up to 210 km/hr. The radial construction of this KTM Duke tyre heats up slower than other tyres allowing the tyres to run smoothly for prolonged tyre life. The sticky rubber compound enhances the grip while highway cruises and under sudden braking conditions. The traction around corners is further enhanced by the unique groove design. You can find more details of the tyre here https://www.ceat.com/bike-tyres/bike-product-listing/product-details/150-60r17-zoom-rad-x1-tl-66h.html.


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