Enhancing Tyre life with Nitrogen Inflation

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There are many factors on which the ride quality of our car depends. In this regard, the tyres of our car do have a big role to play. The physical condition of tyres does matter a lot in determining the handling and ride quality of our car. When it comes to ensuring that the tyres are in good shape, we usually mean the pressure inside them. Nowadays, a lot of car owners prefer filling their car’s tyres with nitrogen. So, is nitrogen a better option than compressed air? Well, it is true that nitrogen filled tyres do perform a bit better than the tyres that have compressed air in them. In this article, we will help you know about the benefits of using tyres with nitrogen inflation.

  • Reasons that make nitrogen a better option
    • Nitrogen enhances fuel economy

    Yes, the use of nitrogen in your car’s tyre can have a positive effect on its fuel economy. When compressed air is filled inside a tyre, the air migrates through the tyre material. Even if the process is too slow, it does have an effect on the tyre’s pressure. In this regard, nitrogen is not quite good at escaping from the tyre cavity.As a result, the pressure inside a nitrogen-filled tyre remains unchanged for a longer period of time. When the pressure is ideal,the engine is able to pull the vehicle is a smooth way. The acceleration happens in a linear way, which in turn leads to better fuel economy. In the long run, you do end up saving some good amount of money.

    • Nitrogen inflation enhances durability

    Compressed air contains some amount of water vapour. The same water vapour leads to the formation of rust on your car’s wheels. The rate of corrosion is higher when the tyre is inflated with compressed air. As a result, it decreases the life of the tyres. But, when nitrogen is used in the tyres,issues like rust and corrosion do not exist. This way, you will not have to replace the tyres or wheels any time soon. So, this is another good reason why nitrogen is a better option for the tyres.

    • Nitrogen improves ride quality

    Like it was mentioned above, nitrogen is more effective when it comes to maintaining the pressure. As a result, the driving experience you get in this case is much better. When the tyre pressure is within an optimal range, the efficiency of the tyres to absorb shocks and undulations also gets improved. This makes for a very comfortable ride quality, especially over highways and long journeys.

    • Nitrogen ensures a better grip on the roads

    When the tyres of your car are properly inflated, they are able to have abetter grip on the road. During wet road conditions, having correct air pressure becomes all the more necessary. Properly inflated tyres have an optimum contact patch connecting tyre with the road. In the case of compressed air, the tyres lose their pressure relatively sooner and this increases the size of the contact patch beyond the desirable level. This leads to more consumption of fuel.

    • Nitrogen inflated tyres offer more safety

    Be it any weather condition; warm or cold; nitrogen inflated tyres are suitable in any case. These tyres can offer a consistent performance all through dry and wet conditions. If you drive your car mostly on the highways, it is important that you get the tyres filled with nitrogen. You will surely experience a lot of difference in your ride quality and driving experience.

    There are many more advantages of using nitrogen inflated tyres. Even though it is a little more expensive than compressed air, even small amount of difference is worth the benefits you get in return. Both commercial and passenger cars benefit from nitrogen filled tyres. You will have to worry less about the physical condition of the tyres. You will not have to get the pressure checked after every couple of days. When tyres are properly inflated then the wear and tear happens in an even manner. As a result, it keeps the tyres in good condition for a significantly longer time. For these reasons, next time when you take your car on the roads, get its tyres inflated with nitrogen gas.


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