Four, two, one or none? How to replace your car tyres

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Your car boasts of an enviable mileage, or a myriad of cabin features but what happens when the tyres get tired? So, even though your car's engine can cover the distance, can your car run without its legs?

This is why timely replacement of your car tyres becomes imperative as your car's safety and performance also depend on the state of the tyres. Keep in mind, that after your car tyres have been covered a certain distance, you must visit a car tyre shop or service centre for a thorough examination. We recommend that you a get a professional opinion about the health of your tyres. This will give you an idea of whether they have more life in them, or if it is time to bid farewell to them.

By the way, you can determine the health of your tyres yourself, too. Today's standard tyres come with a tread wear indicator (TWI) on the grooves. As the name suggests, this indicator informs you how much tread remains on the tyre. If your tyres hit the TWI mark, it means your car needs new wheels.

But say, your rear wheels still have some life left in them. Or your front wheels can cover more distance. What is the right thing to do then? A significant concern for most car owners is whether all four tyres need to be replaced, or just the ones with wearing tread?

Don't worry, we aren't ‘tyred’ of your questions! Here's what you should do when you can't decide how to go about the replacement of your tyres:

  • Why should I replace all the four tyres?

    Replacing all four of your car tyres will grant them the same:

    ●        level of tread depth

    ●        tread design

    ●        construction

    This will ensure that the tyres react to the road uniformly and add stability to the drive.

    Replace all four car tyres if you have an all-wheel-drive vehicle:

    The reason for this is that in all-wheel-drive cars, the car sensors and differential work in sync. They pass the right amount of torque to each wheel. This, in turn, improves vehicle control and avoids slippage.

    If you don't replace all the 4 tyres in an all-wheel-drive car, the variable tread levels can indicate incorrect readings to the tachometer. This will hinder the working of the differential and in the long run, it may put a burden on the powertrain.

    Bonus tip:

    ●        The practice of moving the wheels of an automobile to a different position to ensure even tread wear is called tyre rotation. You should strictly follow this practice for every 8,000-12000 kilometres travelled.

    ●        Tyre rotation contributes to uniform tread wear.

    ●        Four identical car tyres contribute to a stable and balanced ride.

    ●        Improved handling is another plus if we rotate all four tyres.

    Need to change all the four tyres? You can find a variety of options of the best car tyres online, if you are looking for new wheels for your car. 

  • But what if you can only replace one or two tyres?

    Replacing just one of the tyres is a big NO. It’s like wearing different-sized shoes on your feet. Feels uncomfortable, doesn't it? Now, go a step further and run a marathon in these mismatched shoes. You run the risk of injury or not reaching the finish line. This is exactly what happens when your tyres don't match.

    While it is highly unlikely that you will need to replace only one tyre at a time, mishaps and accidents can give rise to such scenarios. For instance, you might encounter an extremely sharp object leading to considerable tyre damage, or your tyre might be a product of faulty manufacturing. In this case, the right step is to replace both the tyres on the axle. For example, if one of your rear wheels needs replacing, replace the other one as well, even if it has more life left.

    It is important to note here that replacing two tyres is passable only for front-wheel-drive cars or rear-wheel-drive cars. If you own a vehicle that is 4X4 aka all-wheel-drive, you should replace all the four tyres at once.         

    So ensure that your tyres are in good condition regularly, else get them replaced when needed. And if you are looking to replace your tyres, you can buy CEAT car tyres online. At the CEAT store, you will find a variety of the best car tyres online. CEAT car tyres come in a variety of distinct tyre patterns to smoothen your driving experience. You can find more about our car tyre prices and vehicle compatibility on the site. Happy Shopping!


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